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  • I bump my topic with updates:
    bioly pool is now 80% sharing
    New feature added to calculator, now you will be able to see if your vote pop up a standby delegate

  • Sorry for the dumb question, but how often does Bioly payout? Is there a minimum payout? I’m fresh to Ark so I don’t have my yet.

  • @Warrenty
    I make payouts every 3 days, but it will be automated soon to 24hour. Minimal level is 1ARK, but it will change soon too :) Stay tuned and thanks for voting!

  • I’m very happy to announce Happy September event, to the end of month pool payout is 90%! Enjoy your payouts :gem:

  • Thank’s to all my voters for great last month! I’m proud of your awesome support and collaborations! I’m also very happy to announce that “Happy September” will last forever, so since now bioly pool is 90% sharing :) I’m always open to all proposition’s and ready to answer your question. so don’t hesitate ask!

  • Hi,
    I voted for you as my delegate 4 days ago but haven’t received any ARK yet. How many days does it usually take? Thanks.

  • Hi bioly, I’ve voted for you as my candidate 2 weeks ago. I noticed that you’ve sent payout to your voters; however, I havent received any payout on my end. Could you please help me identify the issue? Thank you so much.

  • @dekaranger00
    I make payouts every 3 days, however minimal payout amount is 1ARK (you can change this) so if you vote with less ARK weight you need to wait longer for first ARKs. You can always check your stats on pool website.

  • Till next distribution I cover voting fees from my pocket, this will help earn a little bit more smaller holders ;)

  • Hello Bioly,

    I am considering switching to your pool because I have a higher weight in your pool, which nets me more rewards. Do you plan on keeping the same payouts, etc?

    Thank you,


  • Hello @Dawnchorus67 , I share constantly 90% every 3 days. Please notice that the final payout may changes because of total approval or votes moves. Thank you

  • @bioly Thank you! I just started pooling with you on the 27th. Look forward to working with you!

  • Bunch of updates in bioly pool :blush:
    Today, I complexly moved pool software to goose True Block Weight script, which means your stakes will be calculated every block. Also, you will be able follow real time pending balances on pool website ;) Payout period stay the same, 3 days.
    Unfortunately, for some time it will not be possible to set custom withdraw level. So minimum payout for now it’s 1ARK for all.
    I hope that this change will be satisfying for everyone. Thank you for trust, more improvements soon!

  • I move all services to new domain, so since now:
    Pool -
    Explorer -
    Snapshot mainnet -
    Snapshot darknet -

  • Hello,
    due to network problems and my pool script issue today payout will not be done. Lost transactions from 13 June were rebroadcasted correctly today. You can expect normal payment in next 36hours. The difference in pending balances will be fixed with 100% sharing. Sorry for the issues, and thank you for understanding!

  • Yestarday my pool had some calculations/sending issues. However it is solved now, the lost transactions was re-created manually and I add 5ark bonus. If you didn’t receive transaction 24 July, please send me e-mail or ask on Slack.
    The pool software was updated to recent tbw script provided by Goose delegate, which improved a lot of functionality.

  • The current front-end website is suspended, I’m working on brand new version and when it will be finished all previous functionality will come back.
    Meanwhile, the pool script is working as always and you can expect payouts in regular interval.
    Please apologize for all problems.

  • I’m very happy to announce the release of my website new version together with voting tutorial
    The pending stats are real time, the history of transactions based only on new TBW script. I plan release an API to download full history of pool transactions. Unfortunately the calculator functionality is not ready yet, I will update as soon as possible.
    I hope you like the refreshed website, looking for your feedback :) As always don’t hesitate ask me if you have any questions!

  • I’m aware of 9 December payouts issue. It will be solved soon and to cover the waiting time - the pool will operate with 95% for next 7 days. Apologize for the problems!

  • @bioly That site’s a beauty…

    I may have to somewhat fork a copy of your youtube video…

    Don’t worry, credits will be give somewhere, if so…

    Keep up the Great work!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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