ARK Main Net Launch = 21st Of March 2017 - 19:00 UTC

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    After five months of development, the ARK Crew could not be more proud of the community that has sprung up in support of ARK. After getting to know all of you through testing, contests, and just chatting about life, we really do feel like you are part of the ARK family. That is why we felt it only fitting to break the news to you, our dedicated testers, friends, and strongest supporters first.

    Our development team has given the green light for us to announce the official launch date of the ARK Mainnet.

    The ARK network will come online at 1900 UTC on 21 March, 2017. This marks a major accomplishment for both our team and our community and we want to say THANK YOU for all of your hard work on testnet helping us to create the most stable, secure, and feature rich version of ARK yet. We always felt that creating a stable core release was more important than deadlines and we now have a client that is ready for primetime.

    On March 21st everyone will be able to go to and claim their ARK tokens by withdrawing them to your own personal ARK addresses. All wallets will need to be updated to the mainnet release version prior to the launch and will be available at

    Bounties will be added to the TEC website or will be manually processed AFTER the launch of ARK Mainnet. This is to give the ARK crew time to verify that the network is properly functioning before distribution.

    While exchanges will be available during our initial launch period, we are unable to give additional details at this time. Please keep an eye out on ARK Slack Chat and our blog for exchange announcements during our mainnet launch.

    We would like to thank the community for being patient and sticking with us. This is just the beginning of what will be an amazing year for ARK. Mainnet launch is just the first milestone on an expansive development roadmap that we plan to continue to refine as we move forward.

    As always, thank you for being an ARK supporter. To keep up to date on everything ARK, read our Blog, hit us up on Slack, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and on March 21st, go buy some ARK!

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