Kushed Delegate - Supporting ARK network.

  • Introduction

    Known as Kushed within crypto community. Trusted Hero Member on Bitcointalk. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=104052

    I first got interested in Bitcoin in late 2012 and have been fully immersed in all things crypto since then. Also dev of Salus (coin). SLS project consist of alt coin portfolio and other crypto related parts that I have become proficient at, hence why I believe it makes me a qualified candidate for a delegate role for ARK network.

    I consider this project to be one of the few that will deliver by supplying tools for a market that will be very much in demand.
    What I bring to the table is experience. Currently, for SLS project, I run several dedicated high spec servers with an aim of maximum uptime, security and redundancy for the following purposes.

      1. PoS Staking Node, 16+ PoS coins. Also provide Cloud staking service for most PoS coins with custom configured wallets for optimum stake rate.
      1. Delegate/Witness node for various high market cap coins. I have been on time with all mandatory forks and upgrades, have alerting and failover in place for maximum uptime.
      1. MasterNodes and Full Nodes for various coins.
      1. Team consists of two server Admins that monitor and respond as needed.

    Delegate name: kushed.delegate

    Server Specifications
    6 Core
    24 GB RAM
    600 GB SSD
    100 MBit uplink

    backup server:
    4 Cores
    12 GB Ram
    300 GB SSD
    100 MBit Uplink

    I plan on contributing to the ARK Ecosystem by promoting it via Twitter, Forums, Slack, IRC, word of mouth, etc… and planning projects to utilize ARK for wider adaptation.

    Ending Statement
    As a delegate, my number one priority will be to have a secure, low latency and maximum uptime for my delegate node in place for optimum user experience on ARK network. I will also continue promoting ARK within and outside of crypto community to assist with mass adaptation.

    Contact Details
    E-Mail: Kushed@gmail.com
    BitcoinTalk.org: Kushedout

  • Hi kushed, glad to see you around. Any way to get the word out is always helpful to the project. Thanks.

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