dafty - Community Developer - 90% [Arkbot - ArkStats - Ex-ACF Member - Dafty.net]

  • Introduction

    My day to day role involves designing and creating fully scalable web applications in a service orientated approach. My skills primarily include Java, Javascript, AngularJS and the implementation of provisioning and monitoring tools. I’m an Ark early adopter, investing in the original TEC, and helping to stresstest and fix several bugs in testnet.


    :speech_balloon: Arkbot

    • An RTM (real time messaging) bot for the official Ark Slack group.
    • Built on Java, running on Amazon EC2 and RDS for database operations.
    • Features include forging alerts, delegate details, explorer heights, vote lists, and much more. Come and say hello in the #arkbots channel.

    :mag: Block Explorers

    :chart_with_upwards_trend: ArkStats Network Monitor

    • ArkStats provides real-time graphs, statistics and node information for the Ark network.

    :ledger: Ark Community Fund

    • Original member of the Ark Community Fund.
    • Do you have an idea to build the ecosystem? Get in touch and we can fund you in making it happen.

    :ant: Bug Busting

    • Maintain the official ark-java repository.
    • Various other fixes to ark-node, ark-desktop and ark-explorer repositories.
    • GitHub bounty winner:
    1. https://blog.ark.io/may-2017-github-development-winners-6526f0d78c57
    2. https://blog.ark.io/january-2018-github-development-winners-6b0114b5a3ce

    :rotating_light: Stresstesting

    • Involved in running stresstests for the network, including identifying issues with double spends.
    • Branded part of the Magnificent 7 stresstesting group.


    Mainnet #1

    • Intel i7-7700k Dedicated
    • 32GB RAM
    • 256GB NVMe
    • Unmetered 1 Gbit Connection (Germany)
    • DDoS Protected

    Mainnet #2 (backup)

    • Intel Xeon E3-1245 v2
    • 8GB RAM
    • Unmetered 1 Gbit Connection (Singapore)
    • DDoS Protected

    Testnet #1

    • Intel Xeon E3-1245 v2
    • 8GB RAM
    • Unmetered 1 Gbit Connection (Amsterdam)
    • DDoS Protected

    Fund Distribution

    :money_with_wings: 90% Reward Sharing

    • All transaction fees paid.
    • Rewards made to voters once per day.
    • Proportional rewards.


    In Progress:
    Profit Sharing Pool Dashboard

  • Really nice proposal mate. Good luck in getting into the forging spots although i do think you will not have a problem

  • Hey dafty… that is a very nice professionnal and rich delegate proposal ! One of the best i even read ! Don’t know you were working on all those projects !

    Earn my vote !

  • Very professional proposal, well structured, many workstreams and sleepless nights… You have my vote and i look forward to using the tools you are working on for ARK!!

    Well done, and happy forging!


  • Hi Dafty, this is a great proposal! You are doing excellent work and really deserve to become a forging delegate on mainnet! :smiley:

  • Thanks for all the work you’ve put into Ark. Love the tipbot built into slack. Arkbot is very handy as well.

  • Nice proposal and great work on ARK so far @dafty !
    Thank you for your contributions to ARK Ecosystem ! :clap:

  • Thanks everyone.

    I’ve set the reward allocation addresses to the following:

    Development Fund:

    Good luck on everyone’s proposals :nerd:

  • When will you add telegram? This will be great for ARK. My vote is yours!

  • Thanks for the votes so far.

    Telegram broadcasts should be ready in mid-April. The channel is already registered and can be subscribed to here: https://t.me/thearkbot

  • your doing well mate. thanks for keeping us updated on what your doing. Any more projects your working on for the near future?

  • :grin: I have subscribed .

  • Thanks for the votes so far! Over 1200 ARK already sent to voters before forging rewards have even started! :grinning:

    Arkbot 1.1.0 released yesterday. New features include looking up the price of most cryptos, various patches to tipping, and converting most ARK balances to a more readable format.

    I’ve been prototyping with ArkStats by pulling out simple data from the network. Here’s an basic example of the delegate votes across the network over the first three days of launch:

    alt text

  • @dafty how can I vote?

  • @btvgainer Hey, you can read about how to vote on the following link:


    Any problems or questions let me know.

  • @dafty thanks for replying.I am using Ark web Lite wallet.Do I need to download Ark Desktop Client because I do not see any voting option in Lite wallet

  • @btvgainer Yep! Grab ark-desktop from here:


    Import your account using your passphrase, and then head over to the Votes tab. Any problems let me know!

  • Thanks for everyone’s votes so far!

    This week, I’ve finished off the Ark Pool Calculator (thanks @joelafc for fixing some calculations). This is a simple Google sheets document which runs a couple of custom scripts that hook directly into Arkbot to get data in realtime. The aim was to increase visibility of the profit sharing delegates and provide an easy way to calculate future earnings.

    Over the weekend, I’ve been investigating writing an ArkStats module on several reporting platforms. As mentioned in my proposal, ArkStats will be a comprehensive statistics service used for reporting and graphing the Ark network.

    External reporting libraries provide an extensive yet stable foundation that can be integrated with custom modules and works on virtually any device. This means that we can start writing metrics straight away without having to write boilerplate code, which has already been done hundreds of times by other people.

    Here’s an example of a simple resource monitoring dashboard:

    alt text

  • Weekly Update

    Tipbot will be getting some new improvements over the next couple of days, including:

    • Mentioning the user when setting up a new wallet. This should avoid confusion of knowing what wallet belongs to each user.
    • Tipping history. The @arkbot tip history command will show the latest 5 users who tipped you, and the tip amounts.
    • Warning message when tipping a large amount, requiring confirmation before sending.

    Reward Update

    Due to the massive price growth of ARK over the last couple of weeks, I have decided to amend the payout structure. At the current price, the 25% Development Fund is too excessive for the cost of running the current servers and community projects. I’ve amended the structure to:

    • Daily rewards to voters has increased from 50% to 55%.
    • Development fund has reduced from 25% to 20%.

    What does this mean?

    As a voter, not a lot. You will get 5% more per day during the daily rewards. The monthly bonus will reduce by 5% (the excess funds in the Development Fund) and will continue to be rewarded on the 21st of each month. This means that the overall amount paid to you will be the same.

    The excess 5% previously reserved for the Development Fund is no longer required, and will now be sent as part of the daily payout instead of being held and paid out as the monthly bonus.

    Any questions, let me know on Slack: @dafty.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I’ve released the development fund transparency report for March to April, details below.

    March - April Development Fund Report

    Payout will be made shortly before normal payout tomorrow (Friday).

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