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  • Voter Update

    From the 21st this month, I’ll be removing the 20% development fund. This is due to the rise in Ark’s price and to remove any possible confusion about percentages paid to voters (voters were getting about 74% in total after expenses).

    The development bonus for July - Aug will be paid out as normal to voters on the 20th. As usual, voters voting for the full 31 days will receive maximum payout. From the 21st onwards, the 20% that usually goes to the fund will be included in normal voter payouts, bringing the total paid per day to 75%. Costs for Arkbot, ArkStats, explorers and supportive relay nodes will be taken from the personal share instead, resulting in predictable payouts of 75% each day for voters.

    I have also added a cap to the daily payouts to 40 ARK. Yesterday we received a 600K ARK vote from a new wallet. While I really appreciate the support, it’s important to try and prevent damaging the share of other voters. Instead of blacklisting, I think a cap on the maximum ARK paid per day to 40 is the fairest solution, a little over 13% of the total voter payout.

    I’m travelling for the next week so will have minimal access. Payouts (including the final development bonus) are scheduled to go out as normal. Thanks for your support!

    Don’t forget that you can earn a 10 ARK bounty for listing a relay node on ArkStats! Instructions can be found on the site. Thanks again to @sidzero for helping to fund the campaign.

  • Voter Update

    The ArkStats.net bounty has finished. Thanks to everyone who took part in listing a node, and a big thanks to @sidzero for arranging payments. If you listed a node within the bounty period and have not received your 10 Ark bounty, please let me know.

    We are working on making the site fully responsive so it works better with small screens and mobiles.

    Voter Dashboard
    A custom voter dashboard is being implemented and will be released in the next couple of weeks. We are moving away from using Arky and tracking blocks in realtime, instead of backdating like we do now. This lets us add features that other pools offer, such as customisable payouts (thresholds, time periods) and being able to track pending rewards, which should help smaller voters. Existing voters will default to using the same settings as now (once a day), and will be able to change frequencies by registering on the new site.

    Alternative Community Chat
    We have set up an alternative chat using Discord for people who prefer to use it over Slack. We currently have over 250 members and growing fast. Come and join via https://arkchat.net

    Thanks for your support.

  • @dafty hey just voted for your after browsing thro the different projects. How do I make sure that the vote went thro and that my ARK is being staked to get the 80% share? thanks

  • @m309 I’ve sent you a message.

  • Very responsive delegate and community member! Helped me to get https://arkstats.net/ set up on my server within minutes to get better statistics about my node.

  • At around 3:00am CET, our main node received an orphan block and became forked from the network. The failover node took control and continued forging after missing a total of 4 blocks. I will be adding 8.5 ARK to today’s reward to make up for the shortfall.

    The new pool dashboard is progressing well. The interface is nearly complete and ready to hook into the custom payout engine. Payouts will be transparent, customisable and fully accessible from the voter dashboard. Here’s a screenshot of progress running against Devnet:


    Arkbot received a small cosmetic update yesterday. This update provides more data when alerting that a delegate stops and resumes forging. The delegates list has been decluttered and highlights non-forging delegates.

    Thanks for your support.

  • Voter Update


    ArkStats.net has been rewritten to be responsive on mobile devices. Thanks to @alexbarnsley for the assistance.

    Check it out and consider listing your node to improve Ark’s network visibility.


    Fee Update

    As of 11/10/17, we are now sending transaction fees back to voters. All voters should receive an increase in daily rewards, and smaller voters who sometimes get their reward consumed by the transaction fee should now start getting sent more regularly. The fee is being taken out of the reserve share, bringing the total effective to 89%.

    Thanks for your support.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am one of the few delegates running many relay nodes to improve our network stability.

    Are you running a node? Add your node to ArkStats.net for better monitoring and visibility!


  • arkstats-reporter 1.3.1 released:

    This version contains some major performance fixes:

    • Stop using /api/blocks?limit=1 to check for blocks since it doesn’t use indexed db columns
    • Removed uptime calculation from payload
    • Only emit payloads to arkstats-server if they are stale
    • Remove calls to retrieve pending transactions
    • Only send ark-node metadata when connecting and reconnecting to the server
    • Increasing ping requests to 8 seconds
    • Removed unused filters
    • Fix indentation and prettifying

    Please update your nodes and consider adding your own server if you’re running a relay node!

  • Today we passed a big milestone, over 100,000 ARK forged since March 21st!

    alt text

    Thank you for all your support!

    Pool Dashboard

    https://dafty.net is in final testing and will be released very soon. Stay tuned for more details!

    alt text

    Relay Nodes

    In other news, I have added some “exotic” relay nodes to the Ark network in China, Russia and New Zealand. The aim is to extend the Ark network out of Europe and America to improve security and the stability of the network. Check them out on Arkstats - more to come in the next few days.

    alt text

    Once again, thanks for all the support on this massive milestone!

  • Six snapshot sources have been set up to provide the network with more resilient syncing for new servers to use:

    https://dafty.net/snapshot1/current (Valencia - Spain)
    https://dafty.net/snapshot2/current (Stockholm - Sweden)
    https://dafty.net/snapshot3/current (Hong Kong - China)
    https://dafty.net/snapshot4/current (Milan - Italy)
    https://dafty.net/snapshot5/current (Moscow - Russia)
    https://dafty.net/snapshot6/current (Bucharest - Romania)

  • :earth_americas: :map: :map: :tractor:

    Really Speading those nodes out there!!! :small_blue_diamond: :small_orange_diamond: :100: :small_blue_diamond: :small_orange_diamond: :seedling: Keep up the great work!!!

  • Love your proposal, you have my vote! :) Can’t wait to see your website as a finished product!

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