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  • My name is Seatrips, my best skill isn’t making a delegate proposal :)
    As the most of you already know i am a core team member of Shift.
    My crypto experience started at mining EXP and after that SHIFT where i was one of the first delegates running a node on testnet and on mainnet after the swap to Dpos.

    I made the ArkPool with @Lepetitjan “who is also member of the shift core team” for people that will not be able to forge on mainnet and want to earn some ark without running a node
    At the moment the payout is 90% of forged Ark, i am planning to keep it that way when i am forging on mainnet

    I will be running a dedicated vps for with snapshot script and also a dedicated vps for my seatrips delegate on mainnet and tesnet

    Explorer runs on OVH and my seatrips delegate node runs on time4vps host to keep it decentral.
    The specs of my servers will be flexible and adjusted when needed.
    I have a backup node for mainnet running on OVH

    I am able to react on node problems fast enough to be a good delegate for a stable mainnet, also when not being able to react because of any reason i will have “my partner in crime” @lepetitjan as my backup.

    So vote for Seatrips because i will be a dedicated delegate with a good backup with lots of experience!

    Thanks for voting me !
    @seatrips :flag_nl:

  • Have enjoyed watching the payouts stream in on testnet, look forward to it on mainnet. Thanks for setting this up for the Ark community.

  • Nice to see you here @seatrips !
    Your ArkPool initiative will come in handy for lots of ARK holders I m sure ! and I know your a good delegate runner from Shift mainnet !
    Good luck ! :slight_smile:

  • Thks guys !!

  • After a week still no payment’s, are they delayed or what?

  • Hello seatrips, im new on this vote system on ARK, so i will vote for you, now i would like to know how this works? keep it simple pls, instructtions for what i have to do to vote everytime for you.

    I already sent 1 vote for you (1 ark pay it on my wallet section for the vote button), i would like simple help about what to do.

    Thanks and good luck!

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