Delegate proposal [NOAH] - Combining powers between Shift and Ark

  • Introduction
    Hi there! Our name are Jan and Ralf and we are members of the ShiftNrg development team.
    Because there’s so much overlap on both our projects we would like to be active members of Ark as well. We think Shift and Ark can help each other a lot with new features and ideas.

    Jan is responsible for the core nodes, load balancers, monitoring systems etc. so he knows how to setup and maintain active nodes ;-)
    Ralf is one of the core developers so has inside knowledge of the source code and the (future) possibilities.

    Server Specifications Main Node
    CPU: 4
    RAM: 8GB
    Hosting: Microsoft Azure BizSpark (high geographical redundancy)
    Location: Amsterdam

    Server Specifications Backup Node
    CPU: 2
    RAM: 4GB
    Hosting: Microsoft Azure BizSpark (high geographical redundancy)
    Location: Amsterdam

    Current Contributions or Planned Contributions
    Both networks need to become more stable and that’s only possible with a neat code base and strong delegates. Delegates who know how to run a high availability node, not just running a VM from your home PC but actively searching for the best VPS provider in your area to create a strong global network with high uptime nodes.

    We are already contributing by learning people with little knowledge about server setup, load balancing and how to run a high availability node. It’s in the best interest of Ark and Shift to get this knowledge to the community to contribute on a stable network. There are some members of Ark in Shift as well and visa versa. That’s why in our honest opinion it’s not as black and white as other people say: “Shift is Shift and Ark is Ark”. No!

    Ark Pool
    Jan and Seatrips set up an Ark Pool for people who don’t have a delegate or a delegate outside the forging range. When you vote for delegate “seatrips”, the pool will automatically share it’s Ark coins with you depending on your voting weight. Go to for more information.

    Ending Statement
    Why not combine our powers? We setup this delegate node to help increase the stability of the Ark network, because we have the knowledge to do so.

    Contact Details
    Shiftnrg Chat: @jan && @ralfs

  • Thanks for a great delegate proposal. I’ve been trying out seatrip’s pool delegate, watching the payouts come in. Great addition. Very much look forward to collaboration between Ark and Shift. I’ve been running a Shift delegate, bitseed, for a while now. Phantom, the decentralized web hosting using Shift and IPFS is very impressive, .

  • @mike Thanks for your reply Mike! I created the pool software for Shift and ported it to Ark. There were a lot of pool scripts to find online consisting a lot of code, but one PHP file was enough for us to do the trick :p

    Maybe I will add it to our Github repo soon.

  • Thats a nice delegate proposal Jan !
    I already know you guys and your work on Shift and been watching shift from the first day it switched to Lisk codebase :)
    I know only great things can come from ARK and Shift collaboration so a warm welcome from me ! :)

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