Corsaro - A miner to count on (75% shared with voters)


    My name is Corsaro and i am just a miner. I started mining crypto-coins in 2013. Mined BTC, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, DCR, ETC, ZEC and other minor coins. Actually forging Lisk, Shift (and ARK) !


    A bit experienced in linux server mainteinace, windows, macOS, android, ios, symbian. Electronics expert.

    My repo github with some lines of code

    WaW, a Windows Ark Wallet

    ark broadcast


    Working close with the whole ark community, I want to finance project related to ARK to let the crypto community better know ARK ecosystem; sharing 75% forged ARK with my voters

    I am an active contributor of “ARK’s Lisk Bridge Fund” (12457631620663816675L)


    Using a dedicated server

    Node Setup

    1 Main and 1 Backup

    Server Host: soyoustart (OVH)
    16G Memory
    SoftRaid 2x300GB SSD
    250Mbit/s Internet bandwidth

    Server Host: scaleway
    4 Dedicated x86 64bit Cores
    8GB Memory
    50GB SSD Disk
    300Mbit/s Internet bandwidth


    Thanks for helping me to make ARK great

  • Hi Corsaro, thanks for joining us at Ark, know you well from Lisk and Shift.

  • @corsaro if I have 1000 ark

    how can I got per week. thank you

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