Videodrome Delegate - Forging since 2016

  • Node name: videodrome
    Node address : AMyGKY2TdTujzzBiPvP3C27twAFy37SdqF
    Node Cold wallet : ARt23L8Z92vMhFRpD4Rp6MgRF6LnEXfHaB
    Node Twitter Airdrop Bank : Coming Soon!


    My name is Videodrome and i am a good person. I have followed all the beta test of Lisk (i was testnet delegates in Mal Reynolds group).So i have skill and i love to forge!.Actually i’m not a lisk delegate because i have not partecipate to mainnet delegate forging start for family problem. But a lot of person know me there and they can assure for me that i know what i’m doing and also that i’m
    I was also in IOTA first users group, CfB knows me. I have helped ark with twitter for all the ico until the mainnet launch with a lot of shares!

    my btctalk profile:;u=560876
    my twitter profile:
    my lisk delegate profile:(beta test)


    Linux expert user. Marijuana professional grower. I’m a crypto observer and enthusiast.Twitter user since 2010.


    With my node I can assure the safety of the net and help ARK with the viral marketing and the social campaign the official team will do.
    I would like to create a pool in the next weeks to share my node rewards.And i would like to create some free ark airdrop to promote the coin on twitter.


    VPS dedicated server

    Node Setup

    Server Host: OVH
    KVM OpenStack
    2 vCore
    2,4 GHz
    8 GB RAM
    SSD 40 GB
    Local Raid 10


    Thanks for reading this! My node is already up and running with 14k ark pointing on it.

  • today about 10 ddos attack on my node, OVH always professional to avoid server attack with server migration services.

  • Great to see you join us at Ark. Thanks for helping with Twitter.

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