Mody1996 - Your Excellent Choice as an ARK Delegate! {70% Pool Share} {100% Lottery } :D


    My name is mody1996 , i’m from Egypt and i’m in my 20s now, I like programming a lot and like watch football and Basketball actually , I like eating pizza a lot and i really mean a lot.


    I’m a C# Dev whom have worked with Rise Coin before and have contributed a lot either from helping out with the development of Rise C# SDK or Implementing Features, i have also made the Windows Lite Wallet from them which is the main wallet now that they’re using along with the web wallet.


    Well first of all , I’d like to be a delegate so that i can help make the network stable and fast without no downtime whatsoever and i’d be willing to spend a portion of the Forged ARK either as Giveaways or As a Motivation and rewards for possible developers that could make the ARK Community and Coin Great and make sure it stays like that. That’s why i’m your excellent choice and you should vote for me.


    Node Setup

    Server Host: Microsoft Azure <3
    CPU Speed: 4.75 GHZ
    Processor: 1 Core Intel Xeon E5-2673 v3 @ 4.75 GHz
    RAM: 3584 MB EDO RAM 199MHz (3.5 GB)
    Location: West Europe
    Network Speed: 500 MB/s Download Speed and 150 MB/s Upload Speed


    We’re here to serve the ARK Community and Stabilize it’s network and create the most smooth experience for it’s users, That’s our goal and that is what we should look up to.


    Edit: I’m now a fully Public Pool :D

  • Hi Mody, welcome aboard the Ark, looks like you have some great skills. Great to see progress on Rise from your description. Please feel free to suggest any ideas for adding C# integration to Ark. Thanks for posting your proposal.

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  • I’ll be hosting a 100% Lottery for two weeks from now

    Vote Mody1996 into the Ark Network to get a chance of wining 6000 Arks that are worth of 3000 Dollars :)

  • Welcome mody, nice proposal. Could you DM me some Projects that you worked @ RISE or even better… that you are working or planning to work no @ ARK?

    So beyond the two weeks your split will be 70% rewards and 30% delegate use - or do you have a Project fund where some percentages go to aswell?

    Anway, welcome man! :D

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