Voting in ARK - Tutorial

  • Hello all,
    I decided to write tutorial “How to vote in ARK?”. Hope this guide will help you understand how works voting :) Let’s go!

    Firstly short introduction:
    ARK is based on DPoS consensus model. New blocks are creating by 51 delegates and only they receive reward’s.Being delegate is responsible work, because they are guaranty of secure network. So voting is an optional, but important mechanism. Vote fee is 1ARK. For now you are able to vote only 1 delegate from 1 account.

    Excellent explanation about DPoS and voting can be found on ARK blog

    How to vote?

    1. Download the latest ARK Desktop release from Github for your system. (I will be using Ubuntu)
      alt text
    2. Install the wallet
      alt text
    3. Now create a new account or import you passhprase
      alt text
    4. Secure your passhprase, the best pratice is to make few copie’s
      alt text
    5. Now go to “Vote” tab and click “ADD DELEGATE”, type delegate name who you will vote
      alt text
    6. Last point, type your passphrase to second field click “ADD DELEGATE” and click “NEXT”.
      alt text
    7. And finally you have to confirm you choose and it’s all, you’ve made your first vote transaction!

    Devoting work’s very similar, you just have to uncheck the ratio field next to delegate name

    If you have any problem’s, feel free to ask!
    If you are looking for pool and/or good delegate consider voting and bioly delegate :) If you decide to vote both delegates from two account you will receive 100% share in pool future reward’s, for more details - check pool www

  • nice tutorial @bioly ! :wink:

  • How many confirmations do you normally get for voting, I looked at my vote, and it has 0 confirmations. The wallet says the network is connected, and I have other transactions with confirmations, or is 0 normal for votes?

  • Hey Bioly, first time attempting to “tether” to a pool and from reading this guide, I think I have connected correctly but am not positive. I have hundreds of confirmations for my vote for you as a delegate in my transactions tab and the box next to your name in the votes tab on my ark client. Under the watch-only address section on your name, I see a green check next to delegate. In the open delegate monitor, I also see my ark address under the voters tab for your pool. Does this mean I am tethered to your pool and will receive a payout once i reach the minimum amount of ark for a payout every three days? Just want to confirm I did it correctly. Thank you!

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