Questions About Delegate?

  • Hello, i have read the blog about the delegate and understand partial of it so Ark is using the DPOS Algorithm therefore this delegate is something like a voting base POS platform?

    1. Can i vote 2 person at once? Or can i vote all 51 pool? Is it the same if i vote 1 or 2 delegate?

    2. Do i need to vote it daily? Or i just vote once and i am good to go?

    3. Lets say i already vote A, then i wanted to vote B, will the vote from A gone when i vote B if i don’t select both A and B while voting?

    4. Is how much Ark balance i hold matters when voting?

    Thanks :D!

  • Hello @puremage111 !
    1.You can cast only 1 vote per ARK account/adress. You can vote for 2 or all 51 active delegate by creating more ARK accounts and transferring your ARK to those accounts and vote from there.
    2.No, you just need to vote once.
    3.You need to remove you vote first and the you can cast you vote to another delegate.
    4.Yes, It makes all the difference how much ark you got in the account you vote from.

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