Chiiky 95% Profit Sharing Pool

  • HI,

    Ok first of all My name is Joc25 and I am 40 years old french Canadian so my english is
    not top of the line. Im a stay-at-home dad with 3 wonderfull kids so i have lot of time since they go to school and daycare.

    Ark is the first Project that really get all my attention i think they are very visionary and
    i would like to dedicate my free time to help that project (invest time money and running a node)

    My Skills

    I love everything about pc since my first Atarie 65XE :baby_tone2: .
    In the world of crypto since 2013

    My Proposal

    **** pools are looking for 2 more voter feel free to contact me via slack ****

    95% will be shared between those whose have board this pool
    5% will be to maintain node
    Payout will be every Day

    My Network setup

    DigitalOcean VPS server. Based in Toronto
    Linux 16.04.2 x64
    2GB/ 2CPU
    40GB SSD
    3 TB transfer

    It will be the same specs for the backup node.

    This setup has served me well during the testnet period.

    This can be upgraded as required by mainnet needs and I am more than willing to switch everything to more powerful servers if required.


    I wish to help Ark to become as great as it can be

    Contact info

    Btw Chiiky is my wife she let me invest money into crypto so i dedicate the node to her

    Email -
    Slack - @Joc25

  • We are looking for 2 more you can contact me on slack

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