mrgr_pool - Experienced delegate, responsive + 70% profit sharing pool

  • Hello ARK community,


    • I will give 70% of my forged ARK among voters.
    • I will hold the rest of the forged ARK without sell in near future.
    • Reward calculation will be everyday.
    • First payout will delay 1 week, next payouts will be daily.

    Also, if there is anyone who wants to support me and keep me up in the 51 active delegates we can have an only one arrangement. If you want this please PM me: mrgr_pool

    VOTE FOR mrgr_pool
    VOTE FOR mrgr_pool
    VOTE FOR mrgr_pool

    I am from México, I have +12 years experience in software development and IT, I am always researching and developing new ideas related to technology, saying this I will like to see what ARK brings to the world and take advantage of all its capabilities.

    I am an experienced delegate running my nodes in Lisk and Shift mainnet and testnet keeping my productivity above 98%. I am a responsive delegate always updating my nodes to the last version required.

    I like to help the community, as soon as I see an opportunity to help I will do it.

  • Good to see you, thanks for joining us at Ark.

  • Thanks mike!
    Proposal updated!

    Now I am sharing 70%

    Please send me a private message if you want an only one deal.

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