Delegate: slasheks / Proposal: Distribution - Tools - Contributions - Future of ARK

  • Hello ARK Community!,

    My pseudonym is slasheks, and I am a former network administrator and current operations specialist (devops) located on the East coast of the United States. Off-hours: infosec and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

    I have been involved in lisk and shift for some time know which has given me the experience and needed skills to run a node. These skills include: scripting (python | shell), confi management/ remote execution platforms (ansible| saltstack), and some basic web development/javascript development.

    I think that a pool proposal is very atractive to voters, but what this mentality is missing is contributions to the platform itself. Just as I have been accumulating funds to being funding projects I propose that my delegate gains will be distributed in the following manner:

    • Official ARK development:
      This will include funds to ARK sponsored projects and general funding to initiatives of the ARK team. They deserve some help. I know they have been working very hard to make this project successful.

    • Unofficial ARK development:
      This will include funding to unofficial ARK projects that contribute to the ARK platform. I have seen a few that deserve praise and funding. This will help contribute to people outside of the official team continue to develop for the platform.

    • Bug Bounty:
      This will include funding to individuals that contribute to the platform in the form of finding and providing comprehensive methods of squashing bugs of ARK software as it relates to the security and stability of the platform.

    • Personal fund:
      I would be kidding you if I did not say that part of the forged fund will go into into a personal account to cover for time/effort/costs associated with running a node. As experience has taught me, it is more than expected.

    • Fund Share:
      I feel obligated to add this category in as part of my delegate proposal to be in competition with other offerings. I will say this, the majority of the funds forged will go towards the categories listed above, this will be just a fraction, a thanks for supporting me and the platform, no lambo will come out of this contribution. Y’all have been warned.

    Network Offering
    My current setup includes 2 VPS’ from DigitalOcean. I am currently working on a non-ssh method of failing over between the two based on pre-determined factors.

    I am a solid believer of scaling based on demand, and this setup will not change until it is necessary. I have done my research on this, ask about the results.

    I have outlined my plans of contribution to the platform above and believe that people that are vested in the future of ARK will recognize that this is not a ruse, but a sincere plea to all to allow me to be part of the community.

    I thank everyone from the ARK team for the understanding of my decisions in the past, in particular to my friends in the ARK team. I consider you colleagues and friends outside of the realm of crypto and treasure every conversation that we have had in the past year.

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