semipro - 90% Sweepstakes Payouts - Daily winner - Buzz Generation

    I’m semipro, hope to be of service. Live in Chiang Mai (Digital Nomad Capital of the World), Thailand, from the USA. Been an Expat in her for 20 years, I am a father, ride dirt bikes, and follow the Packers. Bought first BTC at $22, and am a trusted trader on localbitcoins - bkkbtc, helping to exchange in / out of the local currency. I run a local ecomm site were people can put credit on local prepaid mobile phones.

    I’ve been looking for ways to get more involved and Ark looks like the best place to get started.

    I’m in IT since the Macintosh, doing design, biz dev, project management, Wordpress, and other Entrepreneurial projects. Not a developer, but can do the basics in server admin, command line, git. Have a SwissArmy knife tool skill set.

    90% - Random Daily Payout of Forging Rewards to Voting Pool Members
    10% - For running the lottery and not being eligible in pool payouts

    Large meaningful payouts are more impactful for people’s enjoyment, word of mouth and excitement - all important elements to the growth and spread of Ark. While still a pool, random payouts give more incentive for new users to join and get lucky.

    Voters must have 1,000 Ark in wallet at all times to participate.
    One vote - one entry
    Vote must be listed at time of drawing to be eligible

    Each day there is a payout, I’ll take the active voters and enter them into to pick the winner. The participants and winner is publicly viewable, and I’ll post the link and reward the winner daily.

    Caveats: Rules and tool may change as seen fit.

    Node Setup

    Server Host: Digital Ocean
    Type: Ubuntu 16.04.2 x64
    Processor: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2650L v3 @ 1.80GHz
    RAM: 1 GB Memory
    Disk: 30 GB Disk
    Location: SF 2

    Network Speed: 300Mbps
    (great job on the node setup how to article btw @BoldNinja )

    added as needed

    The X Prize - has led to valuable innovation and creation far beyond it’s face value payouts. Motivation happens when there is the potential for a large upside gain. The goal here is to use the lottery effect as an attractor - to get people into the system and generate buzz. Small daily payouts don’t generate bragging rights - but win all the day’s rewards and watch the word of mouth spread.

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