Want to Work with Ark

  • I am a marketer and Bounty manager… I’ve managed many coin’s bounties.
    Currently I am managing,
    CrownCoin Signature Bounty, CealNet Signature bounty, Cealnet Twitter bounty, RevolverCoin Signature bounty. ImpulseCoin Twitter bounty in bitcointalk forum.

    I am also the Marketing PR Manager of CealNet…

    so in Reference of all, I want to apply for Job in Ark Project.

    waiting for response thank you.

  • Hello Jamalaezaz,

    Thank you for your message about helping us out for PR and the bounties. As you probably know we have a large group with around 30 guys and basically at the moment we have everything covered. There is a possibility we may need your talents in the future. We will keep you in mind. For now, we will put you down in the list of other possible employees. Could you send a short resume of your PR work so we can add this with your file? Thank you again for contacting us, have a great day.

    NOTE: Send the resume to s.admd@ark.io Or make a post here, or in https://arkecosystem.slack.com/messages/general/
    If you decide to post it in slack, first get the attention of one of the ARK founders and send it to them directly.

  • Please for the sake of progress for your project, don’t use Jamalaezaz for any of your bounties programme, he doesn’t listen to reasons, just go and check the report and review of crowncoin signature he is running, alot of people have decided to quit the campaign.

  • @jacaf01 you are right. In my Campaigns there is no place for spammers and rule breakers,
    I am doing my work with CrownCoin Perfectly and CrownCoin Owners are very satisfied…
    only those people quite who can’t follow the simple rules and want to get payment for whatever shit they post in forum…

    To the @ARK-Founding-Team I request to judge my work instead of listing useless trolls.

    Thank You.

  • Oh, we don’t believe you. I want to work with Ark)

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