'Smartthings' Hardware 100% Forged Rewards development fund

  • Smartthings’ delegate proposal is a 100% development fund where 100% of ARK forged will go to development of Internet of Things hardware solutions for integration into the ARK blockchain via Smartbridging.
    (See supply chain logistics example below).

    My crypto background:
    I am a cryptoenthusiast who first found out about cryptos on the day of silkroad crash 4 years ago. I took the opportunity to buy bitcoin on that day and since then have invested it in ICOs as follows (Protoshares, bitshares, Nxt, Gemz, Ethereum, Lisk, Waves, Decent… and now ARK!) I run another delegate Doc however I wish to run ‘Smartthings’ for the good of the ARK project.

    Funds will be used to hire smartbridge developers as well as for hardware R&D, overseen by Mike Doty (ARK MD and Mechanical Engineer).

    Each month earnings will be deposited into a separate account with the second passphrase held by Mike and I.

    The first projects will look at design of a smartbridge enabled barcode scanner for provenance in supply chain logistics.

    E.g. 1- Smartscan
    Idea is to integrate current hardware that are used for supply chain logistics into a public blockchain. An example is in the wine industry where many samples are taken for testing and each sample labeled and scanned with a barcode scanner. Tests on pH, sugar level, alcohol level etc. are then loaded into an in-house spreadsheet. The smartscan idea is that from the initial picking of the grape to reaching the customer this data can be loaded onto an in-house blockchain via a wireless barcode scanner.

    Via smartbridging this blockchain can be connected to a public blockchain like ark where the end user can then follow the manufacturing process simply by scanning a qr code on the bottle.

    In the future smartbridging would then allow the user to purchase directly from the winery via the blockchain or for a group of users to fund production of a specific batch and follow their order through the blockchain from grape to door.

    The idea is to use ‘smartthings’ to fund development of both the hardware and private logistics chain smartbridging with the ark blockchain. I have access to the winery target market and healthcare markets. However, this dencentralised model could be used for product provenance in manufacturing or delivery of any product.

    Look forward to your support.
    Doc 💪

  • This will be a very good project. I’ve been wanting to bring blockchain to IoT for quite a while. I will be offering bounties for coding libraries for Raspberry Pi to interface with Ark shortly. I have an interview article on blockchain for IoT at http://www.chainofthings.com/news/2016/2/23/interview-with-mike-doty-founder-of-bitseed . I look forward to working on this. Our Bitseed Bitcoin full node unit has arduino headers built in, info at https://bitseed.org/ , been wanting to make use of them.

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