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  • Hi everyone,

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    My name is Noah Williamson and I’m from the northeast United States, born and raised. I’m quite a bit older than the regular folks here in the bitcoin and crypto community. I will be 50 years old this summer and it’s great to be among all the young lads who are energetic and striving to take new technology to the next level. This is what really attracted me to Ark, especially the SmartBridge concept (other than my name being Noah, of course).

    For the past 4 years I’ve been following a lot of really great projects. Among all of them, Ark stands out to me. It not only has a strong and vibrant community, but the developers are extremely talented, open, and communicative. It is a project I will be backing for a long time. Therefore, I have jumped on board to be a delegate, and look forward to being part of a great team and great community.

    My Skill

    • Have created a slew of websites beginning many many moons ago
    • Been involved in several successful marketing teams. Brand awareness, etc.
    • I cook a mean omelet

    My Proposal and Membership Details for Joining the Ark Alliance

    I am on a special quest. My proposal is quite unique compared to many of the other proposals you will see out there. In striving to be different - and to provide the best possible payout for voters - I have structured my proposal to be simple, effective, and profitable.

    For my voters to receive the most return on their Ark investment by voting for realnoah, I am leading an Ark Alliance, aka AA (not to be confused with Alcoholics Anonymous). Sometimes the bigger pools get diluted because of the many voters participating, therefore I have put into place a cap where I will be accepting only a limited amount of voters, aka members. However, bear in mind that anyone can still vote for realnoah, but unless you are a member of the Ark Alliance you will not receive Ark payout. This is to prevent profits from being diluted for those members accepted into the Alliance.

    I will pay my current members a daily set amount of Ark per 1000 Ark that is held in their voting wallet. This ratio is dynamic and will be adjusted over time if more vote weight is required, but I am generous and will continuously strive to provide the best possible payout.

    To find out how much I am currently willing to pay my members you can use this profit calculator spreadsheet. Simply enter in your Ark amount in the red cell and hit enter.

    In order for realnoah to remain in the top 51 position, periodically I may open up the Ark Alliance for new members who are interested. For this to go as smoothly as possible, I have set up a waiting list that is first come, first serve. As soon as more voting weight is needed to remain in the top 51 position, the first person on the list will get first dibs on becoming a new alliance member. If this person is not interested at that time, then it will be offered to the next in line, and so on. As time goes on and the price of Ark fluctuates, members may choose to come and go, and opportunities to join realnoah’s Ark Alliance will open up. Here are the basics you need to know to be part of the alliance:

    • There is a minimum of 10,000 Ark needed in your voting wallet
    • You will receive a “set” amount per day based on your voting weight per thousand
    • There may be a limit on the amount of Ark that you can receive a payout on. An agreement will be determined as you enter the alliance.
    • The ratio is dynamic. If the battle for the top 51 intensifies and more members are needed inside the Ark Alliance, your ratio may drop, reducing your daily payout.

    My Network setup

    The ARK Delegate server is running in the cloud as a VPS Droplet on Digital Ocean’s lightning fast network.

    • Ubuntu 16.04.2 x64 is the installed OS
    • Location: London, UK
    • The allocated resources are:
      • 2GB Memory
      • 2 Core Processor
      • 40GB SSD Disk
      • 3TB Transfer

    The node has been running comfortably and has enough headroom left in case more processing, RAM, Disk I/O or Network communication is required in the near future to keep forging effectively. However, if the resource utilization will near its capacity in the future then the specs will be adequately upgraded to facilitate the heavier load. Firewall and Fail2Ban (brute force attack mitigation) have been installed and configured. I keep track of the latest ARK Commander software updates and apply them when needed.

    Here’s the node’s cardiogram. The Doctor said it looks fitter than a horse.
    alt text


    I am excited to be part of a great community and helping when I can. I hope to give back as we succeed and move forward.

    Contact info

    I am usually around throughout the day and it’s fairly easy to contact me if you have any questions or just want to chat.

    Email - (yes, that’s two h’s)
    Slack - @realnoah

  • Welcome aboard the Ark, Noah. This is a very nicely laid out proposal with detailed information. Thanks for posting. I look forward to seeing you in the Ark community.

  • Hi Realnoah,

    I would like to join your alliance should you need another member. I have 60K+ A. Should be enough to secure you as a delegate (for at least a few days!) while not diluting the pool too much.

  • Hey guys, do you have some vote weight left to vote for ‘realnoah’? I offer 0.35 ARK per 1K vote weight, which is one of the best paying delegates at Ark, and we’re going to need only 10K Ark (but more is better) to enter back into the top 51. Willing to accept any vote amount of 5K Ark or more (up to 200K Ark)

    Please DM me here on the forum if you are interested. Thanks!

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