100% profit . I pay for hosting. Already delegate but on life support!


    My name is Nikita and this is my Delegate Proposal Introduction. I am already in Delegation list but on life support ! My two days wonders are waning out! Please vote me and share my profits… I love to share my profits 100% …

    Here how it works. I pay hosting cost and I have 600K plus coins and I need 200K coin plus votes…
    and I split 3:1 ratio of all daily rewards …I will be prompt with twice a weekly payment… and I pay the hosting cost.

    I have double recommended hardware $20 hosting and OS monitoring in place! I check the server every day.


    I am new to Crypto and want to share my profits fair an square!


    Vote me and support me … I will give free 10 Arks for each 10k votes for first 10 members!

    Vote me before I go out of the list

  • Got my votes … Votes are closed now… will repost next week if needed. GO Ark

  • If you find yourself close to the bottom, ping me. I have ~60K Ark I could throw your way to support your position.

  • @rbyocum1 Thanks for reaching out… Sure it may be week or two. If we can not get more ARK , i will ping you. Thanks for the support :)

  • Hi I am new to Ark, I would like to know how I vote on you and what should I expect of return on 20000 Arks, can you help me?

  • I see you are getting close to 51 now. Let me know if you need my votes. Thanks!

  • :four_leaf_clover: Good Luck!!

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