arkit - starting with 40% sharing pool -

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    Hi all,
    I’m developer and I’m confident with DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) forging systems.

    I’ve many years of experience in running nodes and I’m currently a forging delegate in Shift and Lisk.
    I’m also managing with others the LIGs promoting meetups, initiatives and developing projects!

    I’ve developed in python a sharing system (already fully tested) that I want to use in Ark connecting it to the dashboard I’ve already developed for Lisk.
    At the moment I’ll share the 40% of the forged amount like this

    20% directly to the heavier wallet
    20% to all the remaining voters based on their single voting weight

    So your votes will help me reaching a

    • Ark pool dashboard (like this where clicking on your address you will se payments and more)
    • Forging and as result split with you the forged arks
    • Expanding the system to other coins!

    Please vote for my Delegate Arkit and take shares!
    Use this thread to make questions! BtcTalk thread here

  • Hi all guys!
    I’ve been working on the testnet of my liskit pool.

    Even if I’m a front-end developer I’m working hard as back-end developer to provide a new super cool concept of pool.
    Prob it’s one of the best as user experience and payout algorithm.

    You can see the progress on lisk testnet

    I want to catch your attention and searching for ivestors / voters to share my vision and work.
    Please consider to vote arkit and don’t hesitate to contact me!

  • Hi all again guys!
    The liskit pool is on Mainet and is forging your shares!
    btt thread
    Just vote liskit on the lisk network and start earning.
    I would like to develop the ark version but I need votes or a whale interested in!

    I’m a delegate with a lot of experience, contact me if someone is interested!

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