ANVIL PRIVATE POOL Delegation Proposal (1M share cap, 100% Profit sharing)

    Ark Network Village Private Pool

    I’m setting up a private delegate pool capped at 1M shares. This cap is to assure you of a fixed return based on the proportion of your contribution. If interested, feel free to reach out to me on the ARK slack or message me on the website. The slack will get the quickest response.

    When we have the team assembled we can iron out the details of our private pool. Direct Message me if you have questions. Prefer wallets with high balances to lower distribution labor. But honestly, whatever gets us to the 1M mark.

    I can’t stress this enough. Do not redirect your votes for me if you want to earn a rewards right now. Please message me with pledged votes. I’ll add your name and pledged votes to a spread sheet. When we have enough votes to earn rewards, we will all vote for the ANVIL delegate and receive our staking reward. If you don’t care about the rewards right now, but want to lock in your spot on this private pool then feel free to direct your vote to ANVIL.


    • 100% Profit Sharing. That’s right, I’ll do the distribution labor for free. If you guys decide to pay me for any labor that is fine, but we all have a say in that compensation. I will set up a wallet that you can donate if you feel like it, but the choice is yours.
    • Private Pool. Fixed rewards.
    • Large enough to stay a delegate pool for a very long time.
    • Message me to pledge your votes. When our numbers are high enough to receive the rewards, we shift our votes to ANVIL and earn our interest.

    About me:
    I’m a pretty private conscious guy, but I’m open to telling you that I live in the mountain regions of the USA. I’m an avid skier and also enjoy all the other sports that come with my surroundings. I’ve been invested in crypto since 2012, but I was on the sidelines of it in 2009 when this all started. I’ve started taking this stuff a little more serious as I’ve gotten older and have more responsibilities. I’m also open for a conversation and love to chat with people that have differing points of view. Generally I’m a very nice and caring person. Thanks for any support and I look forward to staking with you. :)

    In terms of equipment, it will always meet our needs and I will always strive to keep our costs down to increase our profit sharing. Happy to discuss the specifics of our distribution when our team is formed, as I would like you all to have a say in our foundation as a private pool. Stay good and may the tides of the crypto-ocean flow forever in ARK’s favor.

  • @CryptoIra Edit Update: Please do not direct your votes to the ANVIL delegate yet. Keep our pool at 0 votes for now. Message me with the amount of Votes you’d like to contribute and when our threshold is large enough, I will call on all of you to adjust your votes to this delegate. We are doing that so this delegate pool isn’t tying up any rewards you could be earning while the pool is getting established. Thank you for those that have expressed interest in joining ANVIL.

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