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  • Hi,

    I am from Barcelona, Spain. I am in the world of crypto since (december) 2013, I have seen the birth of many coins (and I have done many translations on them) but I had never involved in nothing more, until I met Lisk.

    I met many people there. Several of those people showed me their support there.

    Several months later several of those people decided to create ARK, and as you can see we have done. My commitment to ARK is everywhere, forums, twitter… But what I do most is talk on the street to the people to explain what it is, what it can do and its future plans.

    I will try to be in the next blockchain world congress in Barcelona next october to try to reach more people and to meet more people who have a passion for crypto.

    30% of the forged coins will be sent each month to an account for the ARK foundation, 10% to pay the server, the remaining 60% will hold it to vote for delegates who, under my criterion, do a good job and need help.

    My delegate name is freemind, and my VPS has the following specifications:

    2 CPU cores
    4096 MB RAM
    60 GB Storage
    4 TB Bandwidth included

    Thank you for reading!

  • Your Welcome

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