Accessing ARK Mainnet IoT Style

  • This is a Prototype!
    Case , software and feature list is far from complete.

    Planed Features are:
    OTA Update
    Web Configuration over AP connection or captive portal.
    Gesture Control
    Visible notification of events
    Audible Notification of events
    Events could be configured from the following Triggers:
    Exchange rates and wallet amount.
    Messages sent over Blockchain
    Status of Node / Delegate

    Maybe some other I just didn’t think about.

    Will update with more Videos and Information in the next Days.
    At the moment the complete cost of the device will be less than 30$
    The Information and build list as well as the software will be complete open source.

    If you like the Project and wish to support the development vote for me as ARK Delegate.
    I will also create the same device as LISK / SHFT themed device.
    My Goal is to get the device “multi blockchain” capable.

    20170419_011215.mp4 – 00:39
    — realhagie

    Best regards

  • That looks really cool :smiley:
    Any update??

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