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    90% Profit Sharing ( work in progress: see below)


    My name is Nexus. I have been in crypto since 2014. Built several miners and am currently working on a new digital currency. I have a BS in Information Systems and Minor in Criminal Justice. Love crypto-currencies and all they bring. Found this coin and believe it can be fruitful for all.

    This is essentially a cheaper way to pool mine. Great idea.


    I will split 90% of forged coins with all voters based on voter weight. Higher wallet balance voters would be greatly appreciated. Payout will be weekly to start as I get things setup, then will change to daily.


    Node Setup: (OVH)

    VPS Node
    CPU Speed: 2.4GHZ
    RAM: 4Gb
    SSD: 20GB


    I will be honest with you on the payouts. I am new to this on running a pool and calculating payouts. If anyone has an open source program to track payouts,tracks ARK address actions in real time, auto detects pool jumpers and wants to pm me me. I would really appreciate it. I would like to make this whole process honest, fair, and transparent as possible. has a great interface. If you are uncomfortable with voting for me right now, I will completely understand. I will eventually get everything together.

    I guess the easiest way to get this done would be to just limit the pool to 10 members with high ARK balances’, that wont jump pools and will stay long term, and just split the rewards with the select group. I am not opposed to this either. If you are interested: Please PM me.

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