I think I have screwed up :/

  • Hi. I’m pretty new to Ark. Have set up the 1.1.0 wallet and created a couple accounts and used my Ark to vote for a delegate.

    I’ve created two accounts. The first one did not work with the voting it seemed. So I created a new one and transfered my Ark there. The voting worked for sure with the new one. So I have had to use that passphrase several days ago. Now however, I can not find that second passphrase anywhere :(

    My computer is still running with the Ark wallet up. I’ve used to store my passphrase at an online location that should be safe and backed up.

    Is there any way to get back those 5000 Ark’s without that second passphrase at all? Any suggestions of how I can unscrew this situation? It’s not a shitload of money, but still. It will probably be worth a whole lot in the future! :/

  • No, Without that second passphrase. There is no way to adjust the wallet back. Hopefully whom-ever you voted for will continue to run a delegate.

  • Yes. That’s what I thought. I suspect that there was a problem with one newer version of a synced note overwrote the note with the passphrase. Such a shame. I’ll just bite the bullet and purchase more of it. I won’t forgive my self the day this coin really takes off :)

    I’m gonna look more into if data can be stored on the computer still. It has not been shut off. But it’s a really slim chance. The clipboard should be overwritten each time you copy paste, and I do not think there are history of my notes.

    Lesson learned at least. Gonna find my self a new backup option :)

  • Buy yourself a thumb drive just for your passphrase and nothing else.

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