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  • Hello and Thank You for taking your time in reading my proposal. My name is michaelthecryptoguy@slack A Founding Member of the Ark Community Fund

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    :alien: I have been apart of this amazing blockchain project since December 2016. I have watched this project grow outbounds, any of my wildest expectations. With so many people, partaking daily, weekly, or monthly. Each one fixing that minor error, bringing that small additional layer, Brick by brick, slab by slab, or piece by piece. Like a never-ending, master Lego set.

    I took part in the initial trial runs of testnet, (oooo those were the days, lol) (10,000 blocks taking up to several days). They called us the magnificent 7.

    What I didn’t know or expect was a deep handbook offered to me, in the form of, Linux. I had been into computers since I was a kid, but never took the time to use it on a server, let alone an operating system.
    With a small knit community, passing me links, and feeding me baby spoon like advice, I was into something, like never before.

    I was totally amazed stepping into a door, with an entirely different architecture. Just the excitement from entering in commands, dozens of times, and then – you press Enter, and it works!!!
    Within a month, I was no longer a “reference” linux user. The commands were there, never to be forgotten.

    I enjoy cryptocurrencies, because, it’s a positive outlet.
    If you think, 98% of someone’s income, goes to a major corporation. People like those reading this now, and myself, understand, we have to work with them, but not “pay to work for them”. You should, really enjoy what you do, day to day Not because you “have too”.

    My proposal for a delegate position includes the following,

    • I would like to put together a presentation. I recently contacted my local library (first time I spoke with them was beginning of this year). They have a small conference room with a projector and a microphone that I am able to reserve (being a proud library card holder). I’ve read over the requirements, that being a public space, all meetings must be free and open to the public. Which makes me excited, to have just one person sit in, listen, and hopefully ask questions at the end. And just maybe, have the opportunity to do a live micro transaction.
      I have looked into using a drone, being I would like to walk around, and have the camera follow me. But with that is battery changes. I looked into a camera that will follow you, for not to bad of an amount. Only thing with that, is, it either has to be used again, or traded, with value in the network. I also thought about getting a camera, and finding someone to film me. With the most efficient, effective, option being chosen.
      I would like to do several of these meet-ups….
      There is a lot to be brought to Ark, by getting someone to just understand what Ark is.
      With each meetup, showcasing a different path of Ark.

    I went to major college, and a local university. I spoke with the president of the college. He was very happy with what I wanted to do, and told me after they got done with the upgrades (there was construction going on) He would be more then happy to have this arranged.
    I had planned on having this already done, but just wasn’t able too

    • Secondly, I would like to continue with writing articles. I still have a few I want to start on, to finish out 2017. Then kickoff writing more about any accomplishments/forward motion of Ark in 2018.
    • Third, I have a few delegate/ark websites I would like to complete, one already started on, with the others, having just a few pieces together.
    • Fourth, I would like to talk with some gamers who stream their videogames. See if they would insert an Ark logo onto there streams. Although this is just an idea, I would first need to speak with the community, gather your thoughts and better the idea into a plan of action. One on the top of the list is the ark game that comes up in the google search bar.
      If the gamers video is on the top of the search results, and the preview video screen, (it shows a piece of the video your about to watch) had an ark logo. I think that would put several community members, at the least ad ease. Maybe even include other sponsorships/links.
    • Fifth, I want to start connecting with Ark Ecosystem Github
      on video. Reach out to young, just beginning developers, and advanced. I know there are people out there that have spare time to work on this project, and are just looking for something to do. There just not aware we are here. I would like to break down the code, on a normal level, without all of the known cryptography like words used. So, a simple-minded person with a limited amount of time, can grasp Ark. Just talk to them, which would also help me understand many different programing languages. And not just the coding, but present other additions on github as well.
    • Sixth, I spoke to an owner of a corner store. I used to live in the area, and would stop by from time to time. It is very well maintained, and with a low amount of business. We talked about me shooting a funny “commercial”, with me going into the store and making a “trade” live, with Ark.
    • I would like to continue running extra nodes for mainnet and devnet. I have a few more minor things I would like to do, talking with the community and voters first. If there are any problems, issues, suggestions, or better approached ideas, the community and voters could approach me at any time.

    Any feedback on my ideas from the community, potential voters, negative or positive is welcomed. I am a very trusted delegate and feel that sending daily would be best suitable, for the safety of my voters.
    % of forged ark, would be on an adjustable rate, with voters being notified a minimum of 5 days before any major non-beneficial changes are made.

    As I have in the past, I would like to make bigger contributions into the ACF.
    Goodluck to the remaining delegates outside of a forging position.

    Let’s take Ѧ and spread it to any and all willing to accept what it is truly capable off!
    Thank you for your time, and considerations in ArkFutureSmartNode.

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