Voting rewards

  • Hi I’m fairly new to ark and i have some questions… are the voting rewards gonna pay forever??? or when are they gonna stop paying i want to know if the delegates will keep paying over time or they will start to pay less as the time goes through… and also i would like to know if the price of ark will affect the voting rewards

    thanks from Colombia!

  • In normal situations, as long as they are in the top 51 and forging they will be able to pay out. If they begin to pay less, in normal situations, that would be announced. The price of ark will never affect the voting awards. The only thing that affects voting awards, is the percentage of voting power you have awarded to the delegate of your choice. Example you vote for another delegate or move some of that ark out of that wallet. In those two conditions your voter weight will lower, therefore lowering your voting awards. For direct advice, you will need to contact the delegate you are voting for…
    :joy: Thank you for you curiosity in Ark, and representation from Columbia!

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