Lost Paraphrase - off to a great start

  • Yep lost my paraphrase as I was in between copying it, and then the word ‘cold wallet’ in this wallet is offline confused me, so i went googling (thus forgetting to paste my paraphrase) then copying wallet addresses.

    Please have a massive red sign after you create an account to say copy this and save it NOW.

    For now, theres nothing I can do. Still 1600 ark gone, best of luck ark team. I won’t be here for the party.

  • Man, that is sad to here. There are just to many beginning crypto consumers out there getting into there first wallet and doing this. I’m not sure if you took the time to read this or not. How To Generate Your Own ARK Address (and Passphrase)

    But this is clearly stated at the top…

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Save passphrases of ARK addresses you are going to be using — there is no “forgot my password” function and if you lose it, forget it, delete it, or it gets stolen, there is nothing we can do to recover any tokens on that ARK address — so make your backups and store them safely in more than one place (eg. on a piece of paper, USB drive, QR code, …)!

  • @michaelthecrypto So we ONLY need to have our passphrases and NOT both the passphrases AND adresses? And we don’t need to backup a file or anything?

  • This post is deleted!

  • You need to store and keep BOTH passphrases save. You can find out your address by importing an account with the passphrase so you don’t need the address. You do not really need to backup a file to secure your accounts. You might loose some desktop wallet settings but that is not a problem unless you manage a lot of accounts with it and they are easy to just set again.

  • Is there a way to find my password in the wallet?

    I am logged in to the account but it says wrong password…

  • @Buddytactic I’m sorry for the late response. When I log in, I never seen your question…

    @Thomv Your password isn’t stored anywhere. You should have stored it yourself by writing it down, or copying to a thumb drive. When you log out of the account, without the password you will never be able to log in again!!!

  • @michaelthecrypto Oh dammit… I just lost all of my 25 eths :( Someone told me to start a Delegate for 25, but somehow it created two wallet addresses and I have sent it to the wrong one, which I didn’t note the phrase of.

    Well here ends crypto for me haha, waiting for my salary of next month.

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