A group can become delegate?

  • Hi Arkies.

    I’m new here and I was wondering if a delegate could be a group of persons? I mean, if there’s a chance to get together a group of programmers, server administrators, new investors, (like a small group within the ark community) that group have chance to become delegate?

    if a delegate have a lot of responsibilities within the community. I think is not a bad idea if is possible put all those responsibilities in the hands of a group, instead of one single person.

    People get sick, have personal problems, family issues, etc etc… a group can be stronger than a single person.

    if that’s possible and there are people interested be part of a dele-group, I could be very interested, we could create our own slack / discord / website / resources and release our own proposal. possible?

  • Yes it is possible and there are already private pools running a delegate.

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