ARK Founders & Delegate Voting Questions

  • Some questions on Delegate Voting…

    Will the 15% ARK Founders Fund be used for voting any of the ARK Founders as Delegates ? If so, how many ARK Founders will be voted for ?

    Is there any sort of ARK Founders alliance for the purpose of securing Delegate positions for ARK Founders ?

  • Admin

    Good question. The coins that each team member receives is theirs to do with what they want. If they use it to vote for themselves than that is their right.

    On the other hand, we have 30 people to split 15% with so it’s uncertain if we will have enough voting power to stay all as delegates for ARK. We do not have an alliance so that is why we are going to ask the community to vote for us in the future.

    Because our voting mechanism is works differently than Lisk, it won’t be possible for just a person to use one wallet to vote for 101 of their own nodes, or even a group like the original ARK designers (us).

    We know this is hard on us to get the votes but we feel it’s a much more fair and distributed nature.

    hope that helps answer your question.

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