[50% Ark Share Profit] {10% Giveaway Monthly} ArkCry Delegate


    My name is ArkCry aka Mody1996 , I’m a Kotlin Programmer as well as an ethical hacker (White Hat) that usually work on bug testing and discovering and entering bounty programs for some companies and an C# Programmer.


    I’ve been an ethical hacker for 2 years and a Kotlin Programmer for arround 6 Months as well as i have some background on C# and i think i’d benefit Ark a lot and i have some good plans for ARK that i’ll reveal later on


    My Proposal is one of the most best proposals you might find on here

    • 50% Profit Share for all my current voters
    • 10% Giveaway monthly which at this moment is worth $390
    • 40% goes towards development and my server costs.


    Node Setup

    Server Host: Vultr
    CPU Count: 1 CPU
    RAM: 1024 MB
    Location: Frankfurt
    Network Speed: High


    I ArkCry will be offering 10% Giveaway and without strings attached :D
    I ArkCry will be offering 50% Profit Share to all my voters weekly on Mondays.

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