Delegate QUARKPool - From 1 to 14 January, profit sharing pool 100% . Payments interval is 24h

  • Introduction

    Sorry for my English

    First, I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little about myself. My name is Oleg, I am from Ukraine and over 5 years I’m developing web-interfaces. At first, it was a little hobby that finally turned into my main job. The work is consists of making not just a beautiful website interface or mobile interfaces, and also make a product that will be sold. But we won’t consider in detail my work and we will pass further. :)

    Out of duty, together with my friend Stanislav (ShineKami) develop websites / and as you can see from the works, most of them are graphical (for the games) and we are going to talk about the games in «Planned Contributions to the ARK Ecosystem»

    Server Specifications

    Dedicated server
    Node - delegate “quarkpool”
    CPU: Core i5-3330 4x3.0GHz
    RAM: 32Gb
    HDD: 2x 500Gb
    Network: 1 Gbit/s
    OS: debian 8

    Contact @olejegcord

    Planned Contributions to the ARK Ecosystem

    In contrast to the other delegates and users, I don’t write code. My main job is to create interfaces and graphics, but here is the most interesting. As you know, the systems ARK have very few games that would have attracted public attention and now I will tell you how to fix it with the help of our project.

    alt text
    “BALLWARS” is a free online game where each player must do only one thing… to survive.

    Interesting and exciting game in the third person (top view), with the elements of agario and tanks (90). All players are expected by more than 30 different cards, up to 10 types of weapons and, of course, up to 15 animated characters. Playing in normal battles, every player who fulfilled certain conditions can participate in cash tournaments (this functionality will be implemented in version 2.0.0 of the game)!

    This game can be played from any PC or phone (android, IOS), because the game is a free browser game with great potential in development.

    alt text alt text
    At this point, already made full Dizdok in the first version of the game “BALLWARS 1.0.0” and made the first sketches of the interface, maps, and playable characters.

    Start of Beta version of a game is planned for 2017 and at this time we will be giving out invites for testing of a game, before it release.


    Pool reward sharing - 90%
    Pool site:
    Payments interval is 24h if earned more than 4 ARK
    Withdrawal network fees pays pool

    Ending Statement

    First of all, I’ll try to get a dedicated server worked correctly and was stable formation of blocks. Moreover, by implementing the above given game, we will be able to expand the audience ARK’s, thus attract new investors and developers, making ARK most popular cryptoprotocol.

    Thank you for your time. We hope that you will vote for our team :)
    Sincerely, Oleg!))

    My delegate name: QUARKPool
    Address: Abi3CE3k7XzYGtLjG7toZ5fF31stSmW55H
    My pool | Delegate “QUARKPool” - 90% profit sharing

    alt text

  • A couple of characters from the game :)
    alt text

  • Those are some great characters - love it!

  • @mike said in Delegate QUARKPool - Profit sharing pool 90%. Develop game: BallWars:

    Those are some great characters - love it!

    I’m glad you like it.
    I’d also like to show the interface part of the game
    alt text

  • I’m thinking of preparing a whole set when my pool hits the top.
    alt text

  • A little gift for the community from me.
    New ARK stickers

    alt text

  • Hi,

    If I vote for you, but don’t quite have enough for minimum payout every 6 hours, will I get the payment every 12 hours?
    Would PM you on Slack, might be a good idea to put Slack username in signature!


  • If I vote for you, but don’t quite have enough for minimum payout every 6 hours, will I get the payment every 12 hours?

    Don’t worry, the pool works like clockwork. Payments always occur even if you have 100 ARK or less. You can monitor the status of your coins. Insert in line your address

    Would PM you on Slack, might be a good idea to put Slack username in signature!

    Great idea. @olejegcord

  • I never vote to anyone

    If I have 1000 ark, how many I got per week.
    thank you

  • I send ARK mistake please return it to me . I will vote you after .
    please return to my address AUbyBLQ36H9rfFSR3TEtRof1p2V79iZMSL

  • @Homlrs Problem solved. The money was returned to your account.

  • @olejegcord Thank you very much

  • alt text

    Friends, vote for quarkpool. Profit sharing pool - 90%

  • @olejegcord Just cast my first vote for you and joined the ark community last week! Glad to be a part of it.

  • Can confirm that Profit sharing has been at 90% for sometime now to stay competitive with other delegates even though the proposal shows 85% and have not been updated yet.

    Quarkpool is steady and always near the top and have shown to change % profit share, # of excluded votes for payouts, etc. as needed to stay near the top.

    I’m sure Quarkpool will continue to change and update to stay competitive with the new wave of new delegates trying to join late in the game, perhaps potentially covering the TX fee in the future.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @jabbys I just saw on dafty’s calculator that quarkpool will change the minimum payout to 1 ark now? Is this true?

  • 0_1506292267359_90.png

    Dear Users! The award from the pool “quarkpool” is now 90% and will remain so all the time. For the next week, the pool gives the award 95%.

    I’ll be very glad of your voices!

  • 0_1506331603138_95.png

    For the next week, the pool gives the award 95%

  • @olejegcord thanks for being a delegate! I am a small stake holder currently but am keeping my eyes on the market. At the wallet size i have now, it would take more than a year to get to 4 Ark min payout. A lot can happen over a year. I was wondering if you decided to pack up and get out of dodge would you set your min payout to be very low or would my accumulated piece of the pool share vanish?

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