Delegate QUARKPool - From 1 to 14 January, profit sharing pool 100% . Payments interval is 24h

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    Dear Users! The award from the pool “quarkpool” is now 90% and will remain so all the time. For the next week, the pool gives the award 95%.

    I’ll be very glad of your voices!

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    For the next week, the pool gives the award 95%

  • @olejegcord thanks for being a delegate! I am a small stake holder currently but am keeping my eyes on the market. At the wallet size i have now, it would take more than a year to get to 4 Ark min payout. A lot can happen over a year. I was wondering if you decided to pack up and get out of dodge would you set your min payout to be very low or would my accumulated piece of the pool share vanish?

  • @NHLroyrocks Don’t worry, you’ll always get your payment :wink: . In the future, the pool will be improved and all my constituents will be happy.

  • @olejegcord said in Delegate QUARKPool - Profit sharing pool 90% . Develop game: BallWars:

    Hey bro, i downloaded the desktop wallet and voted for you two days ago. I have about 310 ark, and i haven’t received any dividend. Do i need more ark? or can you clarify. Thanks:)

  • @danielAl Please go to the link and insert your address so you can always track your payouts. Remember that payments interval is 6 if earned more than 4 ARK =)

  • Soon, I update my offer to the community.
    Vote for quarkpool-reward 90%

  • Dear users.
    Today, the pool has moved to a new server, and access to the site at will be available within 24 hours.
    Payments to the previous mode. After the domain is reinstalled, the payment interval will be every 12 hours. At the end of the following month, the minimum payment will be 3 ARK. =)

  • Dear users.
    The site is running again, and you can sign in to it by clicking the link . Today, I’m going to put a certificate and you, as you did before, you can sign in the link


  • @olejegcord this link still seems down from my end?! any word on when it shall be up and running again properly please.
    cheers boss :)

  • @jonnyenglish The site works . You can also walk through the IP . As soon as I put the certificate, everything will work as before. =)
    Payments interval is 12h if earned more than 4 ARK

  • The site again works on the old link
    The payment interval is now 12 hours. At the end of the next month, the minimum payment drops to 3 ARK.

  • Dear users.
    Would you like a minimum payment of 1 ARK or 4 ARK (payments interval is 12h) ? The new payments will be selected based on the results of the survey.


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    A survey was recently conducted to reduce the waiting time for the award. Unfortunately, there were very few people involved in the survey, so I came to the next decision. “quarkpool” pays its voters a reward if the user has 4 ARK in the account. But most users have to wait a long time for payment, which is why I’ve decided to lower the timeout. As of 1 January, the payment will be effected at 3 ARK, in February with the achievement of 2 ARK and in March - 1 ARK. If users like this approach, we can speed up payments and make payments every 24 hours if you have 0.2 ARK in your account.

    Delegate “quarkpool” - 90% profit sharing

  • Today, awards have been paid to all users. As of 1 December, the payment interval will be 24 hours, when 1 ARK is reached. I hope you’ll enjoy your new payouts. =)

    If you have not received the payment, write me a letter as soon as possible.

    Slack: @olejegcord

  • I’m thinking about to change the delegate with higher minimum payouts now, because this speedup of the payments cost’s me a lot more transaction fees than before where the minimum ARK amount was 4!
    I cost’s now 2,23 more ARK an fees within a month than before if you get 1 ARK a day.
    Can you please increase the amount of ark within the payment period?
    To a minimum of 4 or 5 ?

  • @Heiko If there are other people who want to go back to the old payouts, we’ll do it. We also add a function that at the end of each month, the pool will pay the entire award.

    We’ll wait 1 week and see.

  • Can you also tell how convenient it would be for you to receive the award?

    I’ve been thinking about an option like every two or three days or every Sunday.

  • In many requests, we are returning to the old payments with new awards.

    The payment interval is 24 hours when the 3 ARK is reached. At the end of each month, the pool will make a full payment of awards to all users.I hope you’ll enjoy your new payouts. =)
    If you have not received the payment, write me a letter as soon as possible.

    Slack - @olejegcord

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    Dear users, from 1 to 14 January, the award from pool will be 100%.

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