Chris - a delegate to deliver real world use cases (games, demo apps, IOT) - public pool - 90% share

  • Chris - a passionate community developer delegate proposal

    “Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work” (by Vince Lombardi)

    Nice to e-meet you. My name is Chris:mountain_bicyclist_tone4: and I am proposing myself as a delegate. Not so long ago I was introduced to ARK community and since then I am amazed by the work, enthusiasm and the willingness to always help to anyone who reaches out. And of-course - you have to love the crypto part :)

    Working with technology, seeing how it helps people and disrupts traditional concepts is one of my basic passions that has driven me on my path.

    Seeing the ArkEcoSystem and checking all the possibilities it will provide, motivated me to become an active community developer and also to help on other projects - to deliver real world use cases supported and underlined with the ArkEcoSystem platform.

    :bar_chart: MY MISSION

    1. To develop and deliver a bunch of real world use cases supported and underlined with the ArkEcoSystem platform (Client apis, node implementation, games development, IOT demo samples…).

    2. Support the ARK Network with stable and fast nodes. Currently running for(5) nodes. Two(2) on main network, and the (3) on the newly created DEVNET - to get it going faster

    3. To build partnership with other community members and work on projects together

    4. Spread to word of ARK Ecosystem on local events, also including it in academia curriculum and various papers and talks (where fitted and important)

    :loop: MY SKILLS
    I come from a strong software engineering background, that was upgraded with management and leadership experiences, completed two business accelerator programs, launched a medical startup.

    My software engineering background has enabled me to quickly adapt to technology changes and to make use of the available tooling in the best possible way. I speak several programming languages (java, python, c# and golang), which I learned thru various industry related projects. I am also very skilled in networking and system administration (linux more than windows). I just love ##TECH :)

    Getting to know the ARK community and it’s supportive ecosystem has enabled me to return to my passion - developing software supported with real world use cases - and at least for a few hours a day escape from the boring management tasks.

    :name_badge: MY WORK
    Starting with ARK, I contributed with ARK.NET Client for the ARK blockchain, that is opening doors to a wide range of industry solutions (corporate applications and unity framework games) based on well spread and accepted .NET Framework from Microsoft.

    I also completed ARK-Go-Lang implementation of the client in GO-LANG programming language, that enables ARK to run at full GO speed; especially on smaller IOT devices supported with GOBOT and FIRMATA.

    ArkGO client comes with included delegate functionalties (profit sharing, calculation, REST service api for your own pool setup)

    :white_check_mark: Completed projects:

    • ARK.NET Client API for ARK BlockChain (dotnet client implementation)
    • Tutorials and notes on GitHub wiki
    • Running four(5) active ARK-nodes. Two(2) powerfull nodes for MAINNET and three(3) to support DEVNET
    • ARK-Go-Lang client implementation aiming to become also a full node implementation in GO
    • ARK-Go Pool Server delegate pool implementation with REST api
    • Performance testing…

    :arrow_forward: Ongoing projects:

    • GOARK-NODE implementing an ARK relay NODE (rebuild in developed from scratch in golang). Main goal is to build a node, that will be easy to setup and install as a relay node, can run with minimum resources, while providing the same speed, efficiency and security. After completion want to add IPFS support to the node and some other candies:).
    • ARK c/c++ client implementation - work in progress… (soon, helping out)

    :book: Waiting in line

    • UNITY port of ARK.NET Client Client API - enabling all unity developed games to integrate ARK Ecosystem as it’s supportive payment platform (in game purchases)
    • Integration of ARK.NET Unity API into a mobile based game - dARK Matty Game and deliver the updated game on AppStore and Google Play (reaching more users, enabling them to use ARK as payment platform). Best players will be rewarded with ARK, and also first XX players will get bonus ARK amounts to be used for in-game purchases.
    • Support the stability of the network with relay notes. Currently I am running four(4) nodes, one on MainNet and three(3) on newly established DEVNET

    :arrow_right: Next projects:

    • ARK-Node on Arduino and Raspi (enabling the usage in various IOT projects and spreading the network). Using GOBOT framework and firmata.
    • Delivering demo use-case implementations of IOT ARK based blockchain (home automation, stock control and tracking, patient parameters tracking…)
    • There are more - but we have to focus…

    :package: MY PROPOSAL

    • 95% - shared among the voters
    • 5% - reserve for ongoing based projects support and to enable nodes to run smooth and efficient (running 5 nodes)

    Rewards will be payed randomly based on your vote weight.


    I am looking for community partners who want to contribute with their knowledge and skills to the project, as well as partner voters that will benefit from the sharing of forged ARK.

    :tickets: FINAL WORLDS

    Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result. (by Oscar Wilde)

    Creating and building a new ecosystem together with the community is something I care about - and this is what will create the conditions that we need to strive together.

    I believe that my time, skills and effort is well spent and will do my best to grow and share the love for ARK (new implementations usages, various talks and mentions on conferences and in the long run - delivering practical value of custom ARK blockchain implementations - supported by various use cases as defined above).

    Thank you for taking your time and reading the proposal. Now let’s achieve great things together!

    :ballot_box: :ballot_box: :ballot_box: Vote for delegate name: chris

    I am usually active on slack, so drop me DM and I will reply asap.

    ARK.IO Slack: @chris

  • Very interesting and good proposal. :thumbsup:

  • tnx @Jarunik. Will do my best!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Script payment setups are in progress. First day payments will be with delay… Sorry for waiting and thank you for your trust!

  • Great proposal, very much like the IoT. Thanks for all you’ve contributed.

  • Thank you for your support- glad I can contribute!

  • Although the rules indicated the minimum amount for lottery, it will not be the case - so ALL VOTERS are included (those who voted till 08.06.) - Especially giving the smaller wallets a chance to earn more ARK.

    Lottery pool is from 08.06. on closed. Thank you for support. The list of included addresses is:

    Lottery draw will be by the end of the month. Will post updates here. Votes should remain active till lottery drawing…

    Payments also carried out as always.

    Thank you for your trust!

  • To provide a chance for those will small ARK to grew (also motivated by jarunik’s cause) - I will prolong the :game_die: lottery till SUNDAY the 18th of June.

    As part of my first month forging lottery…

    1x 1200 ARK
    4x 600 ARK

    By voting for delegate chris you get in the lottery pool.

    Wish you all good luck…

    –vote for delegate chris

  • Hi Chris

    I know I’m a bit too late but if you can still add me to the lotterypool I’ll vote for you

  • Hey Chris,
    Same here :(
    Voted for you today maybe I also can get into the lotterypool?


  • A few announcements from delegate chris:

    1. As promised - Lottery will be drawn on Sunday - voters will be informed and results will be posted on Reddit and forums…

    2. A new updated version of ark-go was released bringing some new features and a desired REST pool server. In this way every voter will be able to see current delegate sharing setup and properties, earned amount, weight and more…
      Now you can run your own rest end point and start expanding it if needed…

    A front end will be made available soon…

    Thank you -

  • And here we go, a promise is a promise. 100% First month payments processed. 70% was already payed out to voters, 30% was used for lottery drawings…

    So the ticket is here:

    **Drawings will be made automatically in two days. Exact datetime in shown on the ticket (link above). Rewards go in this order:
    1st place: 1200 ARK
    2, 3, and 4th place: 600 ARK.

    May the force be with you**

    Thank you all

    delegate chris

  • :game_die: :game_die: :game_die: AND THE LUCKY WINNERS ARE :game_die: :game_die: :game_die:
    :first_place: place #1: Aarvi7BLDWrkHUq8vP3dXZM3wKB2TCz7a5 receives 1200 ARK
    :second_place: place #2: ARM65GnRjfG2hx4J9cb2NBJXkii3GKfkfV receives 600 ARK
    :second_place: place #2: AeSxT8cmDW4xhJ23SrWT85f6Zb2gjtgApv receives 600 ARK
    :second_place: place #2: AJU1TkMBPsTAdt3QZomg5u9psnMax6y7XB receives 600 ARK


    delegate chris

  • Payments carried out. Was on vacation - no back in action…
    No FEES, NO MIN Payouts… (Fees covered by delegate)…

    new things coming soon… stay tuned…

  • Payments carried out with new settings… ( I excluded 600K from my voters- so smaller wallets have bigger chances to get something from voting…)

    Thank you for your trust and support -

    Go ARK GO:)

  • Payments carried out - and proposal updated

    Thank you for your trust and support -

    Go ARK GO:)

  • Check your wallets - Payments carried out today

    Fees covered by delegate, no min payout…

    And also was a crazy week releasing the updates to arkgo-client… Many improvements in tx processing. Check the releases

    Support my work and VOTE for delegate chris

    Thank you!

  • I read up on how you support ARK. I have 1600 free and able to vote. Anything I should know from you before allocating these to you?

  • Just created an account to send this message.

    The goals that you plan on achieving as a delegate, to me, seem like some of the best use of Ark yet. While other voters may be more interested in a higher payout (who can blame them), I think that with more delegates like yourself, who are not only helping push the Ark platform forward with your development, but other industries as well (such as the gaming industry via your Unity integration project), deserve all the support you can get. I may be a little biased, as I have been in the games development scene for some time now, but regardless, I find the system your proposing to reward players quite interesting to say the least, and that it could be a big step forward in how we as developers entice more players to play our games, while also being able to monetize from them to further our own projects!

    Hopefully more people will begin to see the real world applications being proposed by some delegates here while also getting a good share!


  • Thanks for the support and seeing the value of delegates beyond sharing stake. I will do my best to deliver my promises and also promote and push ARK in the industry-as this is where the true value of blockchain technology is.

    Thanks guys and reach out to me on slack if you have any question.

    Go ARK GO:)

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