100% Payout for first 50 days / biz sharepool delegate

  • Hello Arkers!
    I am magnet AKA /yourguy/ !MagnetW3NU.
    I am a tech and blockchain hobbyist hailing from Pennsylvania in the U.S. and I’m here to propose to you the little guy’s delegate or as I like to call it, the “anthill” delegate as we have a large amount of small weight participants whose accumulated effort leads to a respectable result, just like a colony of ants. The result in this case being the amount of ARK from our many small weight voters. It all adds up! The biz delegate was created around 9PM EST on June 6th, 2017. We currently sit just below the top 51.

    The payout to voters is 100% for the first 50 days of forging.
    The payout to voters will change to 90% after the first 50 days of forging.
    Payouts will be divided according to weight in the pool using Toon’s Arky script
    Payouts will be weekly but this may change as the voters discuss payout time intervals further.

    Trust and Transparency
    I want to be totally transparent with everyone. I am a servant to the voters and if I do anything at all that makes you question me and my actions I want it to be pointed out so there is trust and accountability between the voters and me. I want to be held accountable for my actions because they can impact you and others. If there is a doubt in trust in me to do my job well, call me on it so I can respond to the issue.

    In the name of transparency, you should know that our delegate community started on 4chan’s /biz/ board, hence the name of the delegate being biz. Now, I know that the name 4chan is highly associated with shady or malicious behavior in some pop-culture/media. Because of this reputation of the delegate’s origin forum, I’ve decided to allow you all to investigate our archived threads below and judge for yourselves.

    !!Content warning!! There may be some NSFW content or foul language but this is just the nature of “board culture”.
    I encourage you to focus on the content of the discussion and how the project developed and judge based on that.

    Archived Threads: one / two / three / four /

    If you have any inquiries at all, you can visit the biz delegate community discord here: https://discord.gg/ZyM6FZy

    Server Info
    $40/month server @ vultr.com
    CPU: 4 vCore
    RAM: 8192MB or 8 GB
    Storage: 100 GB SSD
    4000GB of Bandwith

    I love the Ark community, team and EcoSystem. The thing that strikes me the most is the creative solutions and high quality production done on every job I see by Arkers, which is extremely refreshing to me, as the quote goes, “If something’s worth doing, do it right.” Ark is doing it right.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll consider helping the Little Guy’s Delegate!

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