Vote dr10 - Youtube/Social Media | Effective Share = 95%-100% | Top10 voters excluded and paid seperately

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  • Participate in Lottery and win 0.5 BTC (sponsored by Delegate project fund) - Spread my Aces video! :)

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  • Proposal update:
    Profit Share 70%
    Video Fund/Private Share 30%

    I’m excluding Top 10 voters from my 70% profit share and paying them from my 30% share with a fixed rate, which is higher then the last few weeks.

    I’m not accepting Votes above 20.000 ARK anymore. (automatically excluded)

  • @Dr10 I have only 36 ARK’s, can I vote on you? (To vote, I just put your address on the voting field of my wallet, or do I need to register somewhere else?)

  • @fc2005 You should check the calulators, like this one: and type in the amount of ARK you have. Then you’ll see how much payout you’ll get after a week (I pay out weekly).

    Also keep in mind that a vote costs 1 ARK as a fee (if you add more ark to the account, the vote automatically balances, no need to re-vote)

  • I am voting for you today, seeing how it is your videos on Ark’s homepage, I think you are a good evangelist for Ark. We can’t trust the team to be focused on spreading the word right now, because they’re hard at work making an amazing platform! I only have 123 Ark but I will be adding more every couple weeks. Cheers!

  • Thanks for the Support! ;)

  • Hi, Dr10, I really enjoy your videos. It finally made me understand & invest into ARK.
    Right now i (cluelessly) voted into Yin, because the numbers were pretty much interesting. Now after using calculators and stuff more precisely, I found out your payout on a f.e. 1000 ARK vote will be higher than Yin´s although you only propose 70% instead of his 95%.
    I dont understand that, how is this possible? i mean more is always good, but why is your 70% more than his 95%?

    Thanks ;)

  • @highmel I excluded my Top10 Voters and pay them in fix rates from my personal share. Also I don’t accept wallets over 20.000 ARK. The more people vote me, the smaller the share gets (as with every Delegate) and at a certain Point I’ll go up to with my Profit share. I’m currently experimenting to get more smaller votes and have control of the big ones (not allowing new ones for a while).

  • I just voted for you since I like what you’re doing. Keep up the good work.

  • Updated my proposal to have a better overview. Sharing and Payout has been the same since three months. No changes to numbers have been made.

  • Can you make a deal for 123k ark?


  • @COINBRAH Not right now, sorry.

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