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  • @mts777

    Please check reddit or your dashboard. The network has been down for the past 3 days. We’ve paused payouts along with other delegates until the network stabilizes. A message alerting everyone of this was posted in the weekly Reddit thread as well as a message on everybody’s dashboard.

  • Hi Biz,

    Is it possible to confirm that transaction refund settings are correct on my ARK address AJAQu4aLGyGQJnGToyisy4m2v9w9zTqCbM ? It seems I have not received any refund for my two transactions, forged by you. Maybe I did something wrong or I overlooked something.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @biz_classic I received my payment on 12/10 after the payment due on 10/13/10 and on 14/10 I noticed that it does not update the payment pending

  • @kevinti @biz_classic

    FYI IDs were 464bfd1fcc884a7d3a1d2694786fe042e5073c9f8758654db23f9a9e8c9bf573 (for verification of account on website) and b7572c6307a1ec9664d1601c0def3a3750cdb950bc5a93b699f7b4887f665aca (payment)

  • @kevinti
    Your verification transaction was forged by “arkpool” which means you most likely did not set up your wallet correctly. See: Payouts are still subject to the 0.1 ark transaction fee. We only refund transaction fees you send from your wallet.

    Please read the Ark Team’s port-mortem on the network issues: We, along with other delegates, all paused payouts due to network issues. They have now been reenabled.

    We were actually instrumental in restoring the network and you can read about what we did here:

  • Hey,

    I just saw this new “payout percentage” tab in dashboard.
    Can anyone explain this new feature?

  • Whassup!!

  • Hi biz,

    I am now at Ark v2 wallet, and since the interface have changed (I don’t know if it is just the UI), is there any update on the procedure of your “Free Transaction for life” setting? And I wonder whether this your offer as a delegate is still attractive for voters since v2 already operates by dynamic fees. I think it’s better to recalculate everything and just maximize the payout distribution to voters. I’ll appreciate any insight from you on this. Thanks. 😊

  • @fdeledger
    Hey, the original blog post for free transactions was updated for instructions for the v2 wallet. For now, we are continuing our free transaction program for our voters.

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