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  • @biz_classic Just checked it. Yes it’s now there, And pay-out was transferred to my wallet too. You’re great! Keep it up managing the server this way.

  • @biz_classic OH okay all good then, thank you very much !!

  • @biz_classic I have voted about a month ago and already receiving steadily increasing rewards; thanks :-) However my vote ARK hasn’t made its way back to my wallet. Transaction ID 080a41a661c817438716d42a13db1e75bc79253730bae9bb92b5bf11c5a8a506, block ID 14984466345865606836 forged by biz_private. Could you please look into it?

  • @NickTheBubble It’s been added to your pending balance. Can you confirm on your dashboard?

  • @biz_classic Thank you! I see both in in my dashboard :-)

  • @biz_classic

    Hi there,

    I have voted and registered .

    Wallet: ALPuWgmAkCkKmeBtfKJDt5SGf3LGx3FSyF

    TXN: 10fb97b75d0b3735bd24c47803eb1a8a1026e87a6e73772a6344dd3e0ca46610

  • Hi! @biz_classic I already vote for you. My address is:

  • @forestrealm369
    Hi, thanks for the vote. Unfortunately your transaction got forged by “bioly” so he collected your transaction fees and not us, so we don’t have it to refund back to you. Please follow the instructions in the blogpost in the OP in the future to guarantee that we forge your transaction and can refund you.

  • Hello @biz_classic

    How come my transaction fees are not being refunded? I followed the blog instructions. My address is : ANHbGPhE5zepnn7ZtJZaqauLDJaRqoJRbk

  • Hi, according to our records, your 1 ark voting fee was refunded on 2018-06-23 00:01:34.

  • I have voted for you. can you make my refund
    My adress: AQckZFvBoQ7V31VUvTpuXTSrkyHeYdKbmg

  • @jacashi
    Your vote transaction was forged by forginator and not us. This means they collected your 1 ark voting fee and we don’t have it to refund back to you. To guarantee a refund next time, please follow the instructions in the blog post exactly as written.

  • Hello biz! I was disappointed on the last transaction I made:
    TXN: 6c7810c222b951e7fba2cf2c72a19fcbe3992ac0284fbe638390354b534c969b
    because it was forged by fun
    I didn’t change my Ark Client Seed Server setting, but why it wasn’t forged by biz network?
    Refunds were OK before, same setting.

  • @fdeledger Hey, during the night of 8/17 the Ark network experienced some issues and a lot of nodes forked, including our seed server that lets us guarantee a refund. To prevent dropped transactions, the transaction just got routed to another delegate for them to forge so the transaction would go through.

    Since you’ve done everything correctly, I’ve added 0.1 Ark back to your pending balance as your transaction fee refund. Sorry for the trouble!

  • @biz_classic That’s great! I’ve just checked my dashboard, it’s already there. Thanks! And good to know that Ark devs/node operators had activated a contingency measure. Forks are really a consideration in blockchain systems.

  • @biz_classic Hello biz, so i just voted for you could you kindly refund :) address: ATESz7jCS9eUGuwumA66eRWU7EL9fPTAx9

  • Hey biz_classic. I have been receiving diminishing payouts on my weekly payout plan for a month now and i am scratching my head as to why that is the case. I joined in late June this year and payouts were steadily growing until early August. Since then payouts are hitting a lower low each and every week. What has changed? I have witnessed in such situations people tend to post on Reddit but i am of the opinion that the issue needs to be brought to the delegate directly on the ARK forum under the delegate’s thread.

    • Wed Jun 27 2018 1.03 <= Initial payout
    • Wed Jul 04 2018 1.30
    • Wed Jul 11 2018 2.36 <= Vote + registration refund
    • Wed Jul 18 2018 1.33
    • Wed Jul 25 2018 1.34
    • Wed Aug 01 2018 1.37
    • Wed Aug 08 2018 1.45 <= ATH
      =======TREND REVERSAL ========
    • Wed Aug 15 2018 1.34
    • Wed Aug 22 2018 1.31
    • Wed Aug 29 2018 1.29
    • Wed Sep 05 2018 1.15

  • @NickTheBubble

    That’s known as dilution. Delegates only forge a set amount of Ark a day (About 422). As the delegate gets more votes, the more that set number of coins has to be spread out.

    The formula is as follows for an estimate of your daily share:
    422 x (yourWalletSize/delegatePoolSize)

    As you can see, as delegatePoolSize increases, the resulting number decreases. Right now, biz_classic is the #1 ranked delegate with over 2 million votes. Our delegatePoolSize is over 2M, the largest of any delegate. We were not ranked #1 back in June or July. Now we are, which explains your diminishing returns.

    Your September 5th payout was also affected by a network-wide outage a few days ago where EVERY delegate missed out on over 200 ark. That outage affected us so we paid out less because we forged less Ark. Check the /r/ArkDelegates subreddit to see all the posts about reduced payouts from various delegates due to that outage.

    If you want to maximize your payouts, you should vote for a delegate ranked lower with less dilution. Note that a lower ranked delegate is also at higher risk of dropping out of the top-51 and not be able to forge anymore. Our large pool size is what makes us the most stable delegate (See: Voters can “set it and forget it” without worrying about us ever dropping out and forcing them to switch to continue to get paid.

    Please read the OP carefully. We’ve linked instructions on how to guarantee an automatic refund. Your transactions got forged by other delegates which means they collected your fee so we don’t have it to refund back to you.

  • Pending payment not updating is normal? I realized that it did not change the value of the previous day.

  • @mts777

    Please check reddit or your dashboard. The network has been down for the past 3 days. We’ve paused payouts along with other delegates until the network stabilizes. A message alerting everyone of this was posted in the weekly Reddit thread as well as a message on everybody’s dashboard.

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