Pieface Public Pool - 92% share from August 1st.

  • All,
    I’d like to inform my voters of a change that is going to be made to my delegate due to various reasons. From August 1st, the share % of my pool is going to be reduced to 92%.

    With V2 just around the corner, I have invested in a high spec dedicated server which will be used on V2’s devnet initially, and will be migrated to mainnet once testing is completed. I will, of course, continue to contribute to devnet by replacing the moved server afterwards.

    Last month we also ran and donated to the Ark World Cup sweepstakes so congratulations to the winners of both the V1 and V2 sweepstakes. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to make this year’s World Cup extra fun! With this in mind, in September I will likely be running (and donating) to the Christmas Price Prediction sweepstake like last year, so stay tuned for some more info on that to come. We’re hoping we can improve upon last year’s prize which was roughly 1600 ARK ($8000 at the time)

    If you have any questions or queries on this please don’t hesitate to ask.



  • Smart Approach, hope it will work out. Unfortunately its above my Holdings :joy:

    Good Luck!

  • Thank you mate. :D

  • Hello Sam. Thanks for boarding the ark :grinning: . We’ve got a huge ship, and there is lots of room. :clap_tone2: Nice proposal and good luck on reaching your goal :checkered_flag:

  • Thank you Michael :D

  • We are now full.

    A waiting list is being created for anyone interested.

    Please PM me if you are.


  • Updated proposal.

  • Looking for new people wanting to subscribe to a waiting list.

    Let me know if interested.

  • im very very happy with this node, pieface is truly a legend!

  • @tehmoonwalker Thank you man!

    Looking for more voters! Inbox me if interested!

  • Still looking for about 40k ark. No minimum required.

  • Now 100% payout for all of January!!!

  • Still looking. Now sharing 100%

  • @pieface Just gave you another 72K - all good?

  • @ebliever hi there!

    Yes all good. Payout on sunday mate :dagger:
    Are you well?

  • Are you able to negotiate fixed ark amount, currently mining with the 123k in your pool

  • Now sharing 98% for feb.

  • I smile everytime I look at your picture…
    It’s a perfect fit for the real you :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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