Delegate Proposal - ArkSwiss - Switzerland - 90%-93% Profit Sharing

  • Hello, ARK Community

    My name is ArkSwiss and I would like to tell you a little bit from me and my motivations. You already think it and yeah you are right I live in Switzerland (Rheintal). My main job is carpenter, but I will study architecture to make my dreams real, but step by step.

    From the first time I got a computer with internet access, I knew this is a great thing and followed up. Especially you can find some projects like Bitcoin (2008) I decided to give them a change because I saw the potential and believed it could be a big step forward in the digital world. Now Bitcoin has the first step already behind but there are serval “copys” some of them may have potential or even much better, others are just scam or definitely not useable.
    I really would like to give ARK a chance, its not perfect actually but together we can make it great ;)

    My Skills

    I do this together with a friend and he is the IT specialist for this project and he will manage the most technical stuff and assist me. I got also a wide range from managing severs (Linux only), setup custom systems and much more. One of this “other things” is my creativity and my visionary view.
    My vision is to bring with my node and hopefully delegate soon a bit democracy to the system to keep it neutral like Switzerland.

    My Proposal

    I’m planning to get only a few big votes, but as much to reach the top 51, grow slowly, stay strong.

    90-93% Profit Sharing (daily/weekly payouts - manual)
    2-5% Fund (ARK Project Support and Community Help)
    4,5% Stability + Growth
    0,5% Free Use

    Daily Payouts (min. 50k ARK)
    Weekly Payouts (min. 10k ARK)

    You can choose how much you will contribute to the fund. (min. 2% - max. 5%) This fund can be used for everyting to help ARK and the ARK Community. To use the money from the fund min. 50%+1 have to accept it otherwise the funds cannot be used and remain in the fund. The wallet(s) will be stored safely. (both passphrases will be stored physically in my two seperate located bank safes)

    Based on your contribution to the fund you will get between 90-93% profit sharing.

    4.5% will be stored safe and hold on to keep the position or grow up. (maybe this can be lowered later)

    0.5% is for our own usage, the server cost and maybe sometimes a beer with friends ;)

    Network Setup

    The server is located in Switzerland for the most security of the node. Due the laws of Switzerland we are protected from any political harm from other countries and companies.

    Node Setup

    Server: Cloud Server (scalable)
    CPU: 2 vCores
    RAM: 4 Gb DDR4
    Drive: 50Gb SSD

    Location: Switzerland (Zurich) [ISO 27001]
    Network Speed: 250 Mbit/s (up to 1 Gbit/s)

    Data Safety: Distributed Storage (replication factor 3)
    Backup: Daily (Rotation: 14 days)
    Monitoring: Notifications

    Backup Node will follow close before top 51 delegate.

    I hope you got an overview about my vision and if there any questions left you can join Slack or reply here. Also if you have any idea or you wish to change something just ask for it and we can make the best of it together!

    Slack - ArkSwiss
    ARK - ArkSwiss

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