YIN.Network Delegate - Custom Payout Script - 100% profit share!!

  • @Agent-Orange
    I am not sure what you mean but it made me laugh.

    Btw. our registration is open, but we monitor new registrations, maybe your account is banned because of pool hopping ? :)

  • I am a recent (like yesterday) buyer of ARK. Have never registered before. So your derogatory comments about being a pool hopper are unfounded. I have will try registering again. Im happy to apologise if Im wrong.

  • This post is deleted!

  • You should vote for another delegate.
    Dont Use this Delegate…No longer taking Subscriptions, BUT WILL STILL TAKE YOUR TOKEN

  • Just bought more and at 105k, looking to buy more in the week. You sure you can’t fit me in :(

    I won’t hop

  • We move to a new office, so all answers will be a little bit delayed!

    Best regards,

  • I voted over a day ago, but my earnings are 1/10th of what they should be. Can you help me out?

    Edit: I’m an idiot, I didn’t understand the % payout part of the proposal. Day 5 I get full payout. I thought it was the % they were paying until they started fully forging.

  • Hi @cobjones

    Day 1 = 10%
    Day 2 = 10%
    Day 3 = 10%
    Day 4 - ∞= 100%

    best regards,

  • @yin said in YIN.Network Delegate - Custom Payout Script - 100% profit share!!:

    Hi @cobjones

    Day 1 = 10%
    Day 2 = 10%
    Day 3 = 10%
    Day 4 - ∞= 100%

    best regards,

    Haha, as you see I was just being dumb. Thanks a lot.

  • @yin how do i register after voting? Seems to be closed?

  • I voted , but was unable to register on your site.
    Is there another way to register or should i find another delegate to vote for?

  • @Arkham
    Check your PMs

    best regards

  • @yin
    My ARK address is: ARG3sSSxLAYr7sikf16xu15UuBjmPX247j
    I have been voting for you.
    But registration at your site https://yin.network/login is closed.
    How will I register.
    And will I still be eligible for payout without registering ?

  • @haraacharya
    Answered your direct meesage.

    Best regards

  • Hello,

    I am unable to register on your site - it says that the passwords do not match, but they do. Also, if you require a minimum 100 ARK to receive profits, you should update that in your proposal (especially since registrants have a box to check affirming that they read your proposal), which says 5 is the minimum.


  • @kem10
    There is no min. amount.
    Then your passwords do not match. Use a simple one and then change it in the dashboard.

    Registration is closed for now. Will be open again in a few hours.

  • @yin
    Hi Yin,
    I would like that PM too. Similar situation as haraacharya

  • @yin
    Hi Yin, how can I register an account? I want to vote you as my delegate. Please help. Thanks!

  • Hello @yin,

    I am seriously considering to vote for you. Two questions:

    • How to register on your website ?
    • If you give 100% profit share - how to you make money ?


  • @r0k178

    Please check your PM.

    Best regards,

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