YIN.Network Delegate - Custom Payout Script - 100% profit share!!

  • @kem10
    There is no min. amount.
    Then your passwords do not match. Use a simple one and then change it in the dashboard.

    Registration is closed for now. Will be open again in a few hours.

  • @yin
    Hi Yin,
    I would like that PM too. Similar situation as haraacharya

  • @yin
    Hi Yin, how can I register an account? I want to vote you as my delegate. Please help. Thanks!

  • Hello @yin,

    I am seriously considering to vote for you. Two questions:

    • How to register on your website ?
    • If you give 100% profit share - how to you make money ?


  • @r0k178

    Please check your PM.

    Best regards,

  • Hi @yin
    I was about to register two days ago, but I did not have access to my Ledger at the time. Now it says that registration is closed, is that correct? I would like to vote long term.

  • Hi @donnyque

    Please check your PM.
    Best regards

  • Dear @yin ,

    I would like to vote on you for long term, but the registration is closed.
    Is it soon possible again to register?


    Please send me your ARK ID.


  • Hi there. I am registered to this pool for a month and received first payment today. Thank you for the payment.

    And now I have some questions.

    • Proposal was offered “fee covering” but I get my payment minus fee.
    • How can I check my real balance, paid balance so I can be sure I get paid 100% ?
    • Proposal post is not really clear about 100% payout. Is it for first X months? What is the X value? And what happens after X months?
    • I’ve added some more amount to my balance today. Is it automatically calculated with new amount? Do I have to revote or something?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: Forgive my English since it is not my main language.

    Wallet: AZmpCy3dM9vo1vtjJGAkb41zGvuDWr5AQS

  • @KufuT

    • Send me a screenshot where we do not cover the fees, or some proof, really want to see it.
    • You can check it with our calculator
    • 100% is forever, mentioned more times in our proposal
    • Yes added automatically, nothing more to do

  • This post is deleted!

  • @yin I think you are adding this fee in profit? If so, please forgive me. I really didn’t spend much time to learn how it works.

  • Yes,
    if your payout is 0.4 then in normal case the TX fee will be 0.1 , that means your profit or payout is “only” 0.3 .
    We cover the TX fees so your payout will be 0.4

    best regards

  • @yin


  • My ARK address is: AL9vreskd7tQAtCDUd7BiH4jocAHgghAGB
    I have been also voting for you. But registration is closed.
    Is it possible to register?

  • Hi @yin ,
    I just voted for you before I realised that it was closed for registration,
    Is there any way i could register?
    ARK Address: AdsYEyy491TN6qNkVLV39raMbfHy5c9XXd

  • @Karoles

    Going to send you a message tomorrow.
    best regards

  • Any spaces for 123k ark yet. thanks

  • Hi @yin
    I don’t see any message from you.

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