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  • @Danil said in YIN.Network Delegate - Custom Payout Script - 100% profit share!!:

    @yin Hello! Can I get a registration?

    Killed 1 Ark and a week. The answer was not received

  • Best way is to send us a message via slack or reddit.
    At this moment we are not really active here.

    PM answered.

    …we are still in progress of yin.network v2


    To all voters, yin.network will be upgraded in approximately 1hour - the old v1 will be replaced with our new v2.

    What does that mean:

    • All open payouts will be send out in one hour.
    • Finally we are migrated to TBW
    • The network registration will be open for one 1 day per week - (to keep all payouts high),Account is still required to recive your payment
    • If you choose daily payouts - we are not longer taking care of the transactions fees, what does that mean? If you set your payout to daily then we will not cover the TX fees, nothing changed for weekly, monthly etc. payment runs - BUT here comes the cool part. Every second month we will send out all collected TX fees to a custom voter.
    • The pool-hopper prevention is history
    • No min payout

    Best regards

  • @yin

    What do we need to do? I noticed I couldn’t log into the site.

    Edit: my login didn’t work, but I could reset my password, so all good

  • Nothing.
    Everything should be up and running in a few.
    We are almost finished.

    Extra post when we are done coming soon.

    Migration done: please drop me a message via slack “@yin” if there is something wrong!

  • This post is deleted!

  • No more payout requests? I was hoping to put the extra 18 ark in my wallet before the Phantom snapshot.

  • @cobjones
    Not sure what do you mean. Maybe you can drop me a DM :)
    Thank you

  • @yin you used to be able to request a payout at any time … now you haven’t waiting the say/week/month (whichever you selected) ends.

  • Hi!
    Sorry for the late replay the best way to get in touch is via slack. We figured out that this feature was barely used, so we deleted this feature. At this moment you can request your payment daily,weekly, monthly or yearly only.

    Best regards

  • @yin Hi guys, i missing two Payment. To contact Yin via SLACK was Not successful…

  • Hi @blockx
    The network was down - for 2 1/2 days.

    I did not recive a request via Slack - maybe you can send me your ARK adress here so I can have a look ?

    best regards

  • @yin Hi,
    Address: AFtgKS6i8P83XNx239DP9biJfVeLksbgFT
    Missing Payment: 30.Sept.+07.Okt.

  • @yin hi yin I didn’t recieve my profit share this week but here is the detail of the transaction:

    and here is my wallet add : AL7WKsjP7r4YScCcve8XvAQQdiZPSZSKx3
    as you can see you have sent to me this amount of ark 0.15172730 but it didn’t reach my wallet could you do something

  • Same here. I found a transaction in YIN NETWORK but it never reached my wallet (Wallet Address: ATDGmcjbaAn51pXix5yKTxeEdzPCkkaFEo - Tx ID: 4d94f16350b19890a6f6cef8f9d51dfd26fc7eb7768b8d55af0c0b74fb377fe6

    Maybe it is because of Mainnet swap!?

  • Hi!
    I think there was another issue with the TX.
    We are on it and aware of it - I will let you know asap
    best regards

  • @yin ok thanks

  • Hi!
    Payment send out manually. Please check.
    best regards

  • @yin its ok thanks

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