YIN.Network Delegate - Custom Payout Script - 100% profit share!!

  • Hi,
    yes sorry there was an issue - it is fixed now - payment will be send out in a few hours.
    best regards

  • Still can’t see, my wallet is AbqQSAGpF6N4pTztP8XGpHFC4RjFgCL4Ky
    What am i doing wrong ?

  • @Swix
    you not doing anything wrong. he has to figure out everything and send the payments manually. wait patiently.

  • Hi!
    all payments are done!
    best regards

  • @yin
    would you like to check it again?
    I missed the payment last Sunday

    Best regards

  • @ARK_of_ARA said in YIN.Network Delegate - Custom Payout Script - 100% profit share!!:


    Dropped you a DM about your ID a few minutes ago :)
    Please check again.

    Best regards

  • @yin


  • @yin


    there is also a poblem with the last payout for my address ALTS3AeRvfV5W6XW3mRd2uP75tjT34mrgy. Can you please check?

    Best regards

  • @coinhodler
    Yes! It takes a little bit longer than expected - at this moment I check all missing TX manually.
    Payment will be send out in a few hours!

    Best regards

  • @coinhodler
    Payment done!

    best regards

  • @yin
    Thank you!!!

    Best regards

  • @yin Hi yin I stiil have the same problem I did not recieve my profit share this week 13/01/2019

    here is the detail for the transaction : f2b3c83a39cb243395c2af57c405b2125b5ecdd01f0ceac189866f4e72f59dc8

    my wallet ADD: AL7WKsjP7r4YScCcve8XvAQQdiZPSZSKx3
    best regards

  • Hello @yin

    I also have missing transactions:


    c9cd71c3c294d1eb7c68a76a983c8ed3355f1f78dc52d10c10a6c5744bbc22af Sun, Jan 13, 2019 12:02 AM
    7bcbcb010e23881ca8d8ba6066d78aabcf19f099c6cd7371659b5514f3eaaeb4 Sun, Jan 6, 2019 12:01 AM

    Thank you for having a look,

    best regards

  • Hi yin,

    I have another one that didn’t go through, yesterday’s- 90578b99dea00c47846d5d459408d8947683b3765451e1655ebaff9663927c2e And then because that was the second time in a row I decided to check further back and it happened again the week before last- 1d3e124308ba0196b1c477d221ad8af180915b8834d7bdd595d979ff9bfa7da8 So it looks like 3 weeks in a row it happened (these two are the ones directly before and after the first one I noticed and posted about a few posts back that you’ve since corrected). Address is AXWJZHnFmpQHg5FZn9Np5PQcxQpQhYa1xT

  • Hi!
    Sorry our database was corrupted since friday night - the issue should be fixed now. Our database will be monitored now 24/7 and double checks all TX before a payment run.

    All payments are done.

  • @yin Thank you sir, just checked and all is well.

  • @yin thanks bro well recieved

    best regards

  • Hi @yin,

    there is the same issue for my address as last time. Can you please check?
    Thank you!

    Best regards

  • Yes sorry!
    Payment done. Please check.

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