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  • @yin Missing weekly payment from Jan 13
    address AXXeSmzFcc7wkx8gvtovDoJfDPeq34otBx
    Transaction ID: e5d2daf1f457379cdcac1aee5507f8328001a09e4536ea2723fa1914bbbc7952


  • Hi,
    best regards

  • Hi!
    your database went offline again tonight - the issue for the last outages was our provider! We moved to a new location and a new server- Actually we are sending out all missing payments manually to make sure everything is ok.
    If you are missing a payment - please drop me a message, here, reddit or best way via Slack.

    Sorry for the circumstances again!
    Best regards

  • @yin Hi yin I stiil have the same problem I did not recieve my profit share this week 20/01/2019
    it is consistante
    here is the detail for the transaction : 5ba30ada517fd2151a0e7fd717c4c811b689bb490e7d72ae7d3671d1c8daa34c

    my wallet ADD: AL7WKsjP7r4YScCcve8XvAQQdiZPSZSKx3

    brother you do need to fix this

    best regards

  • As you can read the database was not the issue - our provider went offline - we changed the location and provider tonight.
    Payments will be send out manually.

  • OK thanks again

  • @yin
    Didnt receive my weekly payment my address is:AXXeSmzFcc7wkx8gvtovDoJfDPeq34otBx

    Thanks for the help once again

  • @yin
    also missing weekly payment:

    Wallet: AZ7XbZid7cvVEVKTeNR8NT589arv1zhaYo
    TxID: a763fbb52f4955b33ec15dde8ca7e0dbefb8cd766fdb0a2aeb788a4d0587829b


  • Done.
    Bes regards

  • Hi Yin,
    I didn’t receive the last weekly payments. The last 3 payments seem to not be on the blockchain.
    Address: ALBXB5jdSad8Y1yzVM2rTRzrmbsrUYHuVZ

    Many thanks!

  • @auroracrypto
    please check
    best regards

  • @yin
    Thank you for solving this so swiftly.

  • @yin missing payment from Sun, Jan 20, 2019 12:02 AM

    Wallet Address: AFyNjAh34tb3nadVqjzXwp4FBwzLYRDifS
    Transaction ID: f94e8aadcf7a116be636fb2c9535573be290290b4aca34036b8ba1ea9498df4f

  • Thank you!
    All missing payments will be released in a few hours!
    Sorry again!
    Best regards

    Since the beginning of the year we had massive troubles with our payments - to be honest at the first view we did not see an issue - all TX seemed to be valid - but after 45 mins the TXs became invalid because of some really weird reasons.

    1)We had massive problems with our old hosting provider - the provider suddenly “shutdown” our node - or block random request.

    2)The next issue which seems to be very strange ,in our log it appears that there is not enough “money” in our yin wallet - but the weird thing is we also have a “2nd yin” wallet - in case we are running out of funds it automatically “transfer” the required amount to our main wallet. This happens BEFORE the payment run starts . - because of that fact that our “main” wallet was “empty” for our payment script it randomly stopped sending out the payment.

    Actually this was working fine for more than 1 year, however - everything 1) and 2) should be solved now.

    All missing payouts from 30.12 till 20.01 were send out manually over the last few days.- if there is a TX missing please drop me a message with your ark address.

    Sorry for the circumstances!

    Best regards


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi!
    Payment run for today took longer than expected. It seems that there are a few TXen are not valid in the yin.network dashboard. Please check your TX also on the explorer.

    Best regards

  • @yin Hello. Yeah my latest payment, when I click on it on the yin.network site, it says transaction not found. But then I’ll click on it in my wallet and it shows up on the Explorer. I don’t mind or anything, but just wondering if that’s still gonna be happening for a bit.

    Have a good day.

  • Hi!
    Yeah the payment run took longer than expected so the tx in the dashboard became invalid in the dashboard.

    best regards

  • Hi!
    Payment for today will be send out in a few! - We had some troubles with the migration yesterday. Everything is back now.

    Best regards

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