YIN.Network Delegate - Custom Payout Script - 100% profit share!!

  • @yin is this a monthly contest or just a one time thing? is your pool still open? I would like to vote.

  • @jason
    We will see, maybe we will do this each month.
    Cool! Yes it is open. Let me know if you need something. Thanks!

    Pool Hopper Prevention and Payout Structure!

    Day 1 = 20%
    Day 2 = 20%
    Day 3 = 20%
    Day 4 - 15 Oct. = 100%
    Oct. 15 - ∞ = 95%

    best regards,


    It is now possible to vote for yin with 100 ARKs instead of 200.
    We will share 422 blocks with all voters and we also cover votes seperate with a higher amount of Arks!

    “Happy earning!”

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  • Hi there,
    I can’t register to your website. Voted around an hour ago. Any clue?

  • Hey,

    If you voted for yin you need to immediately sign up with your Ark Address to get started. The minimum voter balance to register is 100 Ѧ.

    Best regards

  • @yin Sh*t ! i wasn’t aware that your required a minimum balance in one’s wallet… I went to the delegates monitor list and blindly voted for the one that inspired me by its name … I guess i spent an Ark for nothing then.

    Subsidiary question : how come then that many wallet listed here under the “Voters” section have their wallet well under an hundred Arks ?

  • Drop me a message via Slack.
    I will change the setting to min. 25 ARKs

    Hope that helps.

    best regards

  • Hey,
    We are looking for a few more votes to be back at the Top20 :-)

    In the last few days we made some improvements to our backend. It is now possible to vote,create an account with 25 ARKs instead of 200!

    If you hold a large amount of ARKs (++50,000) we are now able to provide you a solution with some exclusive deals!

    Do not forget about our lottery!
    YIN.NETWORK ARK LOTTERY! - 750 ARKs Lottery Pool

    We will do a lottery where three random voters will be choosen on 29.10.2017 and get a chance to win 750 ARKs!

    1.Place: 500 Ark
    2.Place: 200 Ark
    3.Place: 50 Ark


    • Vote for “yin”
    • Create an Account on Yin.Network
    • All Voters which already voted for “yin” automatically take part at the lottery

    Best regards,

    Problems,Questions or just wanna talk?
    Drop me a message via Slack! - yin

  • <3 free lotteries :)

  • @highmel
    Lets vote & hope!

    Best regards

  • Hi @yin,

    I noticed that one of my payout transactions never got processed? I had a payout done on Friday 9/22 for about 1.98 ARK at 4:35 AM, but that never seemed to have made it to my ARK wallet. Any idea what happened here? I can’t seem to find the transaction ID in the blockchain either.

  • I wonder if it the missed transaction was a bug or some sort? In any case, thanks for the speed reseponse!

  • @Ex
    I will have a look at it.
    Sorry for the circumstances.

    Best regards,

    If you hold more than 100,000 ARKS drop me a message via Slack. We are now able to provide you the highest payouts with a custom deal!

    Slack: @yin

    Best regards

  • I believe I am only receiving 80% payout, instead of 100%. As per the calculator, I am getting 80, currently.

  • Hi @Arkcrossing

    DM me your ARK ID so I can have a look.

    Best regards,

  • @yin Sounds good… except, how do I direct message you on here?


  • Hi,

    visit my profile; https://forum.ark.io/user/yin there you should see the blue circle, click the three dots and click “Chat with yin”


    best regards


    • We cover ALL transaction fees!
    • We will pay 100% of all forged blocks!
    • Custom Deal spots are available!

    Best regards,

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