YIN.Network Delegate - Custom Payout Script - 100% profit share!!

  • Hey,

    If you voted for yin you need to immediately sign up with your Ark Address to get started. The minimum voter balance to register is 100 Ѧ.

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  • @yin Sh*t ! i wasn’t aware that your required a minimum balance in one’s wallet… I went to the delegates monitor list and blindly voted for the one that inspired me by its name … I guess i spent an Ark for nothing then.

    Subsidiary question : how come then that many wallet listed here under the “Voters” section have their wallet well under an hundred Arks ?

  • Drop me a message via Slack.
    I will change the setting to min. 25 ARKs

    Hope that helps.

    best regards

  • Hey,
    We are looking for a few more votes to be back at the Top20 :-)

    In the last few days we made some improvements to our backend. It is now possible to vote,create an account with 25 ARKs instead of 200!

    If you hold a large amount of ARKs (++50,000) we are now able to provide you a solution with some exclusive deals!

    Do not forget about our lottery!
    YIN.NETWORK ARK LOTTERY! - 750 ARKs Lottery Pool

    We will do a lottery where three random voters will be choosen on 29.10.2017 and get a chance to win 750 ARKs!

    1.Place: 500 Ark
    2.Place: 200 Ark
    3.Place: 50 Ark


    • Vote for “yin”
    • Create an Account on Yin.Network
    • All Voters which already voted for “yin” automatically take part at the lottery

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    Problems,Questions or just wanna talk?
    Drop me a message via Slack! - yin

  • <3 free lotteries :)

  • @highmel
    Lets vote & hope!

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  • Hi @yin,

    I noticed that one of my payout transactions never got processed? I had a payout done on Friday 9/22 for about 1.98 ARK at 4:35 AM, but that never seemed to have made it to my ARK wallet. Any idea what happened here? I can’t seem to find the transaction ID in the blockchain either.

  • I wonder if it the missed transaction was a bug or some sort? In any case, thanks for the speed reseponse!

  • @Ex
    I will have a look at it.
    Sorry for the circumstances.

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    If you hold more than 100,000 ARKS drop me a message via Slack. We are now able to provide you the highest payouts with a custom deal!

    Slack: @yin

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  • I believe I am only receiving 80% payout, instead of 100%. As per the calculator, I am getting 80, currently.

  • Hi @Arkcrossing

    DM me your ARK ID so I can have a look.

    Best regards,

  • @yin Sounds good… except, how do I direct message you on here?


  • Hi,

    visit my profile; https://forum.ark.io/user/yin there you should see the blue circle, click the three dots and click “Chat with yin”


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    • We cover ALL transaction fees!
    • We will pay 100% of all forged blocks!
    • Custom Deal spots are available!

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  • voted, registered at your site yin.network yesterday, unable to login there. Please check and assist. Thanks.

  • @Mr-Robot
    Please send me your ARK ID


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  • 29.10.2017 :-)

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