1,000,000 Ark Holder, Looking for Capped Delegate

  • I have just over 1,000,000 ark, looking for a delegate with 90% plus payout with cap on votes so i do not get diluted on payouts. I am long term holder looking for delegate partner. Please submit proposals for consideration. Send proposals to arkholder23@gmail.com or on this forum.


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  • Hi
    I have a pool with a 90% reward. The payment occurs every 12 hours.

    You will receive from 320 to 360 ARK a day from my pool.

    Five reasons to vote for « sharkpool »:

    1. The largest and most profitable percentage of all delegates is 90%.
    2. Stable payments, every 12 hours.
    3. APPROXIMATE PAYOUT, EVERY 12 HOURS: 2.7 ARK / 10K VOTE. 13.5 ARK / 50K VOTE. 27 ARK / 100K VOTE.
    4. Open statistics. Watch your payout online.
    5. For permanent voters, every two months, bonus.

  • I’m 80% delegate and at now with 500k voting power you can get little less than 50% of share

  • @anamix if you can provide 85% pro-rata payout on daily basis i can vote just over 1,000,000 your way. let me know thanks.

  • @timsmith

    We are looking to start an 85% private pool with capped contributions. You’ll have access to the full suite of features we’ve built for our first delegate, biz_classic, including custom pay schedules, live pending payouts, and perfect block weight payout calculations.

    We’ll be capping the pool at 1.2M votes.

    Reach out to Moon Man or Uncle Chang on Discord: https://discord.gg/XdPXgr
    or message us here.

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