1,000,000 Ark Holder, Looking for Capped Delegate

  • I have just over 1,000,000 ark, looking for a delegate with 90% plus payout with cap on votes so i do not get diluted on payouts. I am long term holder looking for delegate partner. Please submit proposals for consideration. Send proposals to [email protected] or on this forum.


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  • Hi
    I have a pool with a 90% reward. The payment occurs every 12 hours.

    You will receive from 320 to 360 ARK a day from my pool.

    Five reasons to vote for « sharkpool »:

    1. The largest and most profitable percentage of all delegates is 90%.
    2. Stable payments, every 12 hours.
    3. APPROXIMATE PAYOUT, EVERY 12 HOURS: 2.7 ARK / 10K VOTE. 13.5 ARK / 50K VOTE. 27 ARK / 100K VOTE.
    4. Open statistics. Watch your payout online.
    5. For permanent voters, every two months, bonus.

  • I’m 80% delegate and at now with 500k voting power you can get little less than 50% of share

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